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Our mission is to redefine the health and wellness industry, by setting unprecedented standards, delving deeper, and seeking out information and answers to questions that clients wouldn't otherwise find. The job of a Health and Fitness Specialists is to take the average personal training experience and to drive it where other trainers, coaches, and healthcare practitioners won't go. We strive to always take a safe and holistic, 'big picture' approach, to begin to recognize key inconsistencies across an individual's health and wellness spectrum. We expound on that by constantly assessing and determining individual need and by continuing to raise the bar higher, while teaching and educating every step of the way. We look at body composition, muscular imbalances and posture, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular health, and nutrition. More importantly, we determine where the client stands, where they could stand to see improvements, and where we fit in. We're in constant communication, developing a comprehensive program and roadmap, designed to help clients realize their goals, and ultimately, their true potential. To effectively complete this mission, we must begin to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals (i.e. doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, massage therapists) and fitness professionals. There must also be a healthcare continuum that allows educated practitioners the opportunity to work together to achieve greater levels of success and understanding for clients that so desperately need a higher level of care and attention.

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Cardio button 3 STRENGTH button 3 Flexibility button 3 Functional Fitness button 3 Primary Instructor(s) Intensity Level
Tabata check check  Katie and Sarah  High, w/intervals
Spin and Strength check check check  Justin, Mike, Brittany and Jamie  Moderate-High, w/intervals
Spin and Spin+ check  Katie, Ashley, Jenn, Mike, Pat, Stephanie, and Ana  Moderate
Barre check check check  Sarah and Jamie  Low-Moderate
TRX check check check  Justin, Lisa, Sarah, Susan, and Jamie  Moderate
Pilates check check  Mindy  Low
Fit Camp check check check check  Emily, Sarah, Ana, Jamie and Justin  Moderate
Cardio Kick check check Pam  Moderate
Yoga check check check Brenna, Andrea, and Sarah  Moderate
Zumba check check  Rebecca and Pat  Moderate-High, w/intervals


When I turned 65, I set some new goals that included strength, toning, and flexibility training. Overall, I was in excellent health, but I knew something was missing – my musculature had changed as I aged – and arms, abs, and legs needed focused attention to strengthen and tone. I want to remain as strong and healthy as possible as I progress into the next chapter of my life.

I checked out a couple of local gym and personal training options – and when I experienced the expertise and individually tailored training sessions of 50/50, I was hooked! Since starting personal training November 2016, I have begun to achieve the goals I was seeking along with a feeling of overall well-being. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the fitness specialists can help me achieve as I continue to make this commitment to myself.

Veda Andrus, RN

Veda Andrus, RN

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