New Year's Challenge 2019 - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

The 2019 New Year’s Challenge is Here!

Statistics show that most New Years Resolutions fail within the first 8 weeks. Our goal is to give you the support you need, to achieve the results you’ve been after, year after year. This is a proven accountability based program, with over 2000 pounds lost since 2013!
The competition begins on January 5th and ends on March 4th. You have exactly 8 weeks to lose 8 percent of your total body weight OR reach your individual health and wellness goals, beginning on your initial consultation date.
You do not have to be a 50/50 Fitness member to participate.
Individual consultations for everyone will take place in our 50/50 Fitness studio from Saturday, January 5th through Monday, January 7th, with one of our certified health and fitness professionals. The 30 minute initial consultation consists of:
· Starting Weight, Measurements, and BodyFat percentage.
· Before Pictures (optional)
· Goal setting session – set small, reasonable goals as stepping stones.
· The beginning of a fitness plan/workout routine.
· Discussing the use of an electronic food journal.

Available Consultation Times are as follows:

Saturday, January 5th 7AM-12PM (Mike Carlson)
Saturday, January 5th 11AM-4PM (Jamie Cocco)
Sunday, January 6th 8AM-1PM (Emily Mailloux)
Sunday, January 6th 10AM-3PM (Justin Killeen)
Monday, January 7th 9:30AM-2:30PM (Brittany Mcgrath)
Please let us know if you cannot make one of the above times. Once you’ve signed up for the program, please email with your consultation availability. Consultations are first come, first served.
The coach that performs your initial consultation will be your assigned coach for the duration of the challenge. Your coach will check-in weekly, answer questions, and help you through any struggles or obstacles you may face.


The entry fee for the 8-week program is $200.


This year, we are bringing back our cash prize! $50 of your registration fee is withheld and placed into a cash pool. We have a limited number of spots available (50). The grand prize is $2500, to be divided up by all successful participants. There are two ways to win:

1.) The Fast Track:

Everyone who has lost 8% of their total body weight (1%/week) at their final consultation, will automatically be named a prize pool winner.
To calculate:
Take your body weight and multiply it by .08.
Sample Calculations:
For a 150 lb person…150 x .08 = 12 lbs of total weight loss in 8 weeks.
For a 200 lb person…200 x .08 = 16 lbs of total weight loss in 8 weeks.

2.) The Participation Award:

Every Sunday, you will receive a weekly email with a fun fitness challenge, nutritional guidance, healthy recipes and information on how to log your foods electronically. Your coaches will keep tabs on your progress and participation. By completing 3 of the following 5 tasks and staying on track with your individual health and wellness goals, you will be named a prize pool winner.
Task #1: Join our private social media support group, via Facebook. You will receive an invite during the first week of the challenge. Post a minimum of 1x/week, offering encouragement, sharing recipes, or talking about some of the obstacles you are facing. Past participants shared step counts, posted workouts, and met up for other fun activities outside of the group. Emily will be monitoring the group, answering questions, and posting articles.
Task #2: In each newsletter, there will be a fun challenge for you to complete. Each week, you’ll submit proof of yourself engaging in the activity to Brittany, who will keep track of the results. You need to finish and submit 6 of the 8 challenges to complete this task.
Task #3: Jamie has created 3 short videos that are fitness and nutrition related. In each video there is an assignment that you’ll submit back to him. You must complete all three video assignments to check off this box!
Task #4: Complete an electronic food journal on Myfitnesspal. Log your foods for a minimum of 5 days per week for the duration of the challenge. Justin will be on Myfitnesspal checking journal entries and looking for frequent users.
Task #5: There will be a series of health related trivia questions released towards the end of the competition, by Mike. Locate and submit the answers to the questions to receive credit for this task.

Next Steps:

At the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll come in for your final measurements. Your coach will provide you your scorecard and talk about your successes and future fitness goals. This program is an accountability based program designed to keep you engaged in the New Year, well into the New Year.
We have just 50 spots available this year! Each coach will take on 10 participants. Sign-up now and make your commitment to health and wellness in 2019!