About us



WE are a Health and Wellness Community in the Pioneer Valley!

We have been giving award winning services for over 5 years, but we are more than just that.  We are a Community of individuals who support each other through our collective journey into health and wellness.  We have members who have completed over 1500 classes, Melissa “Woodsaw” Woodard, and members who have just stepped into our doors, Rolanda Burney, who just completed her second class in her first week.  We celebrate everyone and together at monthly community events like our Boot Camp to Wildwood BBQ, Goddess (You can see our owner wearing a goddess shirt and wig to add in on the fun) to Bridgeside Grill, and Community Trivia Night Out at the Taproom in Hadley!  On top of that, we have a yearly member recognition party, where it is all about you.  FREE food, drinks, prizes, a giant slip and slide for the kids (and brave adults), and FREE massages from Elements Hot Tub Spa in Amherst.  We are more than your average Health, Fitness, Wellness, and Nutrition business, we are 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition a Health and Wellness Community!!


50/50 Fitness/Nutrition “A Balanced Approach to Health & Wellness

Over time, we all develop a sense of what it means to be “healthy”, either through information we read, pick up through friends or loved ones, or discover ourselves. There’s so much information out there that it’s often difficult to determine what’s right and how we should go about our lives. But we do; we make those decisions and our our lives are impacted, for better or worse. Our goal here was and is not to search for the next quick fix,, fad, or trend. In other words, we’re not looking for a cure. We’re not interested in the one solution for everyone methodology, albeit machines at a gym, a workout of the day, or the latest and greatest diet.

The core of 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition represents balance. We’re not saying you should focus half your time on this, half your time on that, etc. The truth is, very few people have balance in their lives. Everything is so intertwined and so connected that as one area suffers, others are sure to follow suit. Your body is the biggest and most prominent example of this. So with that being said, our job isn’t to simply prescribe you a new exercise or diet plan. It becomes much more than that. 50/50 represents a chance to grow, to identify problem areas, and to obtain the tools that you need to finally find that balance in your life, for the rest of your life.


Our Fitness Training Philosophy…

No two bodies are the same. Everyone reacts differently to food and activity. Subsequently, every workout and meal plan has to be geared to meet those needs. It takes more than an hour or two each week with your trainer to really see the results you crave. When we engage with you, we stay in touch throughout the week, checking in on your progress, monitoring nutrition, and helping plan physical activity outside of our sessions.

Our services go well beyond the “session” to look at the big picture, supporting you in the ways you need.

A “diet” is temporary. New habits that are healthy and personally appropriate require professional attention. When they’re carefully assembled just for you and slowly added over time, they can be sustainable for the long term.

Habits can be changed with dedication and support. It takes time, but when it’s done right, you can eat until you’re satisfied and develop changes that you can maintain.

Personal training with us is a learning experience, which will ultimately give you the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle and feel great about it!

For these reasons, with all of our clients, we include additional services for no charge, including online diet monitoring (using a free website), nutritional guidance, and regular support. We encourage questions and make ourselves available to you as needed. We promise, you’re never in it alone!

We want to be able to help in any way we can. We believe that this is the true secret to success…having trainers who are knowledgeable and qualified to support you and to keep you working towards your goals! From all angles. Everyone deserves that chance to succeed.

To us, this is what personal training is all about.

Personal Training Includes

  • Unparalleled support via text, email, and phone
  • Responses within 24 hours, or sooner
  • Diet monitoring & nutritional guidance
  • Comprehensive weekly plan with between-session workouts
  • Measurements & fitness tests to monitor progress
  • Packet with exercises, progress, and suggestions for continued success



Next Steps?

Once you have submitted your information, we will great you, and reach out to you with times that work with your schedule to meet, so we can support you on your health and wellness journey today!

See our Frequently Asked Questions and  Q&A  for more information.