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5 Tips for New Runners

Grant Ritter, Running Coach

Invest in good running gear

A properly fitted pair of running shoes will keep your feet comfortable while helping to prevent injuries. Avoid cotton running gear, as it tends to absorb sweat and cause uncomfortable things like chafing. Technical running clothes will go a long way toward helping you stay comfortable and fashionable on your runs! Your local running store is a great place to get fitted for everything that you need to get out there and run.

Set a goal

Think about what you want running to accomplish. This could be a race, a certain distance, weight loss or anything else. Write your goal down and put it next to your bed and couch. This way that goal will be there as a reminder   when you are tempted to watch one more show on Netflix or hit the snooze on the alarm instead of going out for your run.

Build up slowly and listen to your body

Slowly add miles and running days to build your aerobic base and to give your body time to adapt to the stress of running. This is one of the best ways to prevent injury.  Following we well-designed training plan is a good way to ensure you don’t go too far too fast.

Warm up before you head out

Do some dynamic stretches like high knees or leg swings before heading out on your run. This will help the body loosen up and will help elevate the heart rate so you can hit the ground running. Save the static stretches for after the run.

Rest and Recover 

Resting is the most important part of your running program. This is when your body adapts and becomes stronger. Make sure to take rest days between your runs as you build up. Rest doesn’t always mean sitting on the couch though.  Be sure to hit the foam roller or take on some cross training such as strength training or a Spinning class. These things will help you recover and become a stronger runner.

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