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*Registration for our Winter Cross Training for Runners closes on December 8th!*

Winter Running Program (Starts Saturday December 14th)

You’ve been training hard to get better at running and are finally getting to a point where you are feeling more comfortable. Then Winter hits and it feels like you are going to lose all of the progress you have been making. If this sounds like you, then keep reading!

Get stronger, improve agility and speed, and avoid running injuries through this strength training program designed especially for runners. This small group is open to new and experienced runners of any speed and distance. Exercises will be modified as needed so that everyone gets the appropriate level of challenge. This group focuses on strength training, cardio exercises, drills to improve running form and efficiency, agility work, stretching, and foam rolling. This small group will help runners meet their training goals, connect with other runners, and stay motivated throughout the winter. Sign up today!

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Strength Training Fitness Programs (Next sessions starts in January)

Small Group Training (SGT) is an 8 week progressive strength based program focused on educating our clients to properly perform full body, specific movement patterns in a safe, challenging environment. You will work with a group of up to 8 people as well as a Certified Functional Strength Coach, who will oversee the program and help you achieve your strength based goals, by providing valuable feedback on ways to help you improve. While most of our participants are between the ages of 40-65 years old, we welcome any and all ages and fitness levels, as we believe everyone finds value in what we teach. Whether you are looking to get an extra, more focused strength based workout throughout the week, feel less pain while gardening, or be able to pick up your grandchildren more confidently, this program is designed to help you feel stronger in your body and mind. We encourage you to come twice a week to truly reap the benefits of this program, but once a week clients still feel a positive difference. At about $20 a session, you will begin to understand why small group training has been a must have in most of our clients’ routines and why so many have continued to incorporate it in their daily lives. Sign up now, while spaces are still available. We can’t wait to get started!
*Thursday of Thanksgiving, there will be no classes. The whole week of Christmas, there will be no classes. New Years Eve and Day will resume as usual.


Skiing and Cold Weather Conditioning Program (Registration closed)

Skiing and Cold Weather Conditioning

Prepare for the snow sport season with this high intensity interval group training program. If you are a snowboarder, skier, or just enjoy winter activities, this class is for you! Participants will be challenged with body weight and low weight exercises designed to prepare the body for the special considerations required for alpine activities.

Total Body Workout

This will be a total body workout, targeting the legs, core, upper body, agility, and balance through challenging exercises and movement combinations. Explosive movement (plyometric) exercises will also be incorporated into the program, helping to strengthen muscles needed for challenging winter environments. Participants will realize more success with this program by creating time to complete a second (or more) session, performing the exercises they learn in class, on their own during the week.

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Coed Powerlifting Fitness Program (Registration closed)


This class will cover the fundamentals of the ‘big three’ barbell power lifts – the squat, bench press, and deadlift during an 8 week period of time. Whether you’re an experienced powerlifter or are brand new to the sport, this class is for you! Taught in a supervised small group, this class will help you increase your strength and properly and safely execute the major lifts. In addition to barbells, this class will utilize a variety of equipment including kettlebells, dumbbells, cable machines, and resistance bands and will cover the best assistance exercises for each of the three lifts. Each class will also begin with a warm-up to properly prime your movement patterns and work on mobility prior to lifting. This class will encourage you to reach beyond your comfort zone and get stronger every week. Tracker sheets will be utilized to track your progress week to week. Build muscle, lose fat, and change up your body composition and your workout routine with a supportive and encouraging group of fellow powerlifters! *Some prior weight training experience is recommended before taking this class, though not required.



Health and Wellness Consult

If you are looking to start your health and wellness journey with one of our training programs, schedule a consult to get more information and help us set goals with you!


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