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Cardio button 3 STRENGTH button 3 Flexibility button 3 Functional Fitness button 3
Tabata check check  Katie  High, w/intervals
Spin and Strength check check check  Justin  Moderate-High, w/intervals
Spin check  Katie  Moderate
Barre check check check  Katie  Low-Moderate
TRX check check check  Justin  Moderate
Pilates check check  Mindy  Low
Outdoor Fit Camp check check check check  Jay  Moderate
Cardio Kick check check Pam  Moderate
Cardio Sport check  Jay  High, w/intervals

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I like the way you move it…

As I get deeper and deeper into the realm of assessments, I am increasingly becoming aware of the ways in which muscle imbalances affect our overall fitness and health. Many of you are working hard in the gym: spinning, TRX, Targeted, Tabata, Cardio Kick, etc! But, do you take the time to think about how…

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More on Outdoor Fit Camp

Director of Strength & Conditioning, Jay McWilliams   We are so excited about the new facility, we have developed a whole new program to fit the space! Outdoor Fit Camp incorporates the best of Metabolic Bootcamp, and builds on it with a focus on strength and an all-inclusive design for all fitness levels. We have…

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Check out our new location!

We’ve made it through our opening weekend, with the help of so many of you!  Click to view some footage from our first few classes at the new space. We showcased our Outdoor Fit Camp stations, unveiled our new state-of-the-art Spin studio, and got to see the fitness community at it’s finest. So, again, a…

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Set your intention

Katie’s Corner My goal as an instructor in every class is to provide an avenue for students to actively participate mentally and physically in their workouts, rather than to passively go through the motions. Physical exercise is often viewed as a chore, when it has the potential to be extremely gratifying and uplifting. One of…

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70 Classes?!

With 70 group exercise classes on the schedule, and 9 amazing health and fitness specialists, we have everything you need to reach your true potential. Need some added attention, accountability, and a structured plan inside the gym and out? Give personal training or small group training a try! With so many options, so many avenues,…

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Insecure Much?

Katie’s Corner – As many of you know, Mindy Theroux has started teaching many of her Pilates classes, previously based out of her home studio, at 50/50, and we are adding several more in the Fall. We are thrilled about this partnership with Mindy, as she has a wealth of knowledge about the body that…

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Stay Fit on Your Vacation

Leaving town for a Summer get-away? If you’re not careful, your trip could quickly derail that momentum you’ve worked so hard to create! We don’t want your your will-power and enthusiasm to disappear before you return home. It’s far too easy to settle into relaxation mode and far too difficult to get that ball rolling…

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No Time to Workout?

The number one reason why you don’t exercise is that you don’t have time. At least that’s what you tell yourself. I know we are all busy. Between getting to and from work, balancing responsibilities and having time for yourself, there’s little left over for workouts. With summer in full swing, your busy schedule is…

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Off the Beaten Path

Though it hasn’t always felt like it this year, summer is upon us! It’s a time when routines are broken and spontaneity is necessary after a full year of predictability. Vacations and barbeques and staying out late are perks to the warm weather, especially after the winter we endured, but this also means routines are…

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This week, I have heard a plethora of people in classes and trainings mention how tired they are feeling because of an inexpiable lack of sleep. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, but the comments became so prevalent throughout the week, I thought it necessary to give it some thought and do some…

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