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Check out our new location!

We’ve made it through our opening weekend, with the help of so many of you!  Click to view some footage from our first few classes at the new space.
We showcased our Outdoor Fit Camp stations, unveiled our new state-of-the-art Spin studio, and got to see the fitness community at it’s finest. So, again, a big thank you to everyone for showing your support, coming together, and making all of this possible. None of it would be worth it without you, and the life and presence you bring to the gym, every single day.
We now have a whopping 70 classes on the schedule! If you haven’t experienced our back yard yet, the Outdoor Fit Camp is a must try. It’s fun, motivating, and has all of the components of an exceptional workout…functional strength, just enough cardio sprinkled in to ignite your metabolism, and creative combinations designed to challenge you in unique ways, week after week.
We offer the Outdoor Fit Camp every morning at 5:30AM, and most evenings as well. The course was designed with shade in mind, to keep you as cool as possible, all Summer long.
In addition to the Fit Camp, we have a new 7:30 and 8:00AM wave of classes, all at the new space!
We’re bringing Spin & Strength to Monday night, Lights Out Spin EVERY night, and more Barre and TRX have hit the schedule, per your request.
Lots of new things to try, plenty of opportunities to succeed! Sit down with one of our Health & Fitness Specialists today and schedule a consultation to review your schedule, your plan, and your goals. We’re here to help and we’re excited to share this brand new experience with you!

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