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Insecure Much?

Katie’s Corner – As many of you know, Mindy Theroux has started teaching many of her Pilates classes, previously based out of her home studio, at 50/50, and we are adding several more in the Fall. We are thrilled about this partnership with Mindy, as she has a wealth of knowledge about the body that is second to none, as well as thoughtful and intentional ways of communicating with her students, helping them to gain that knowledge of their own bodies. Mindy plans to vacation in Florida for the Winter months, and so she needs someone to fill her role when she is gone. I am humbled and grateful that she has asked me to teach in her absence, and we have been doing Pilates-based sessions together one or two times per week.

I have become so used to being the teacher, that I find it very challenging to be the student, learning strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, and compensations that my body has made for several years. My feet turn in, my right side takes over when my left feels weak, my core is strong, my pectoral muscles are very
tight which is causing my shoulders to pull forward, etc. I think I know my body pretty well, but I’m discovering Pilates is much more mindful of practice than I originally assumed. I am truly enjoying it, though I also recognize my lack of confidence–in the placement of my body, how I look when I’m doing an exercise, in the jumbled
connection between my brain and my body while doing an exercise .

This week, as you do your workouts, think about the insecurities that arise when you are exercising . Do you have a sense of humor about these insecurities, or is it something that really gets you down? If it’s the latter, I would suggest making room to accept yourself in whatever capacity you are able to do the exercise, and if it’s not quite at the place you would like it to be, set a goal around it. If your hips sag when you do planks, set a goal to find that straight-line plank. If you are not able to hold 80rpms on the bike with a resistance of 7 for longer than 30 seconds, try to increase your time to 45seconds over the next month. Meanwhile, try to find humor and accept your flaws and imperfections. We’ve all got them, so recognize them, accept them, andchange them. My hope is that I will be a suitable substitute for Mindy while she’s away; meanwhile, I will continue to learn and grow in the Pilates practice, imperfections and all.

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