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Off the Beaten Path

Though it hasn’t always felt like it this year, summer is upon us! It’s a time when routines are broken and spontaneity is necessary after a full year of predictability. Vacations and barbeques and staying out late are perks to the warm weather, especially after the winter we endured, but this also means routines are broken, which can throw our quests for health out the window. Many people establish their own routines with outdoor workouts, which is wonderful, as we have some of the best outdoor sporting in the country. However, many of us take a few days off of working out and eating right and then we have a hard time fitting it back into our schedules.

It’s important to give yourself a little bit of a break and not beat yourself up about not making time for the gym or eating out more than you should. However, it’s just as important to establish some sort of routine around this strange schedule that only occurs for a couple of months during the year. Instead of giving up on any routine, create a modified nutrition and eating schedule for yourself, which may include two days of eating out, rather than your normal one during the other months of the year. However, when you eat out, try to make healthier choices that don’t squash all of your efforts. Put sauces on the side, and only have a couple bites of the neighbor’s award-winning potato salad.

In terms of working out, you may not be able to hit the gym as much as you normally would. Instead of feeling bad about your inability to make it to as many classes, figure out something you can stick to and then supplement with home workouts. After all, I’ve seen so many of you accomplish so much since January, and we need to keep that momentum going.

At the same time, a change in routine is also the perfect time to try something you haven’t yet and maybe even to construct new routines. Have you heard people rave about the barre classes? Have you always wondered what it would feel like to punch a punching bag? Give Raise the Barre and Cardio Kickboxing a try. Mix it up! And if you need help in choosing what’s best for you, we’re always here to offer advice. Just don’t give up what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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