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Robbin’s Adventure.

Stepping in the Doors

I moved to Hadley when I was twelve-years-old, graduated Hopkins, moved away, and then came back.  I saw Energia, which was your original name, but was unsure at first.  I tried doing my exercises at home for a while, but it wasn’t working for me.  After giving up on my home routine, I decided to join you all. I found out you had changed your name and moved into the old car dealership space, where you are now.  I have been here for three years.  Before stepping in the doors, I had never done spinning.  I didn’t enjoy spinning at first, but now I like it.



Turning 60

I was turning 60 this year, and wanted to do something really cool, so I chose a seven-day sport adventure, which required me to have a level three in athletic ability.  That means you have to be in really good shape.  I did Everest in 2013 and trained for a year.  This time, my training was here at 50/50.  I upped my spinning, did two classes in a row frequently, took barre and circuit classes, and felt good.



The Adventure

My seven day sport adventure included the beautiful sights of Machu Pichu, 11,000 feet of climb from Cusco to Lima, salt mines in Chinchero, biking down cliff roads with huge drop offs and no guard rails, hiking across the Incan Trail, rafting through class 3 and 4 rapids, and a 14,000 foot decent that took us 12 hours to get down.  I helped to dye clothing and made my own cup of coffee from bean to cup. One of the hardest parts was the 14 miles into the Mountain of Match Pichu with so many stairs and mountain climbing that took everything I learned in barre classes to help me up.  I even super womaned over zip lines and don’t feel like I am 60 years old.  I had to go over a bridge that was terrible and could not balance well, but my upper body was able to hold on and help me make the walk across.



My Community

I like the group feeling at 50/50, being able to go in and do my own thing.  I don’t feel intimated, or get any grief when I can’t get something.  I do what I can do.  I am kind of a private person, a homebody, but I can walk in, engage in a conversation, and people really like me. I have met some really good friends here. Since joining, I have felt strong, and if I hadn’t been here, there is no way I would have been able to do this trip.  Thanks 50/50!


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