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The Project – Naturopathic Solutions for the Adult Woman

Class 0 – September 24th 6-7 pm – Free to 50/50 Members

Introductory Overview

Several years ago I realized that the words of my mother were indeed correct – she said “Damage is actually two words … Damn and Age”.  Age is inevitable, but we do have some choices as to HOW we age.  As a naturopathic doctor I decided to focus my work on this process as it pertains to women specifically.  I developed a series of classes that cover the complex aspects of living on this planet as an adult woman, I call it The Project.  It’s set up to give practical information about the aging process, create a space to ask questions, and house a community of peers who understand where each other are in this time of life.

In order to better explain what The Project is I’m offering an Introductory Overview which condenses what we will cover in the series.  You will hear more about these subject, how I work as a presenter, and time for questions.

Introductory Overview will cover:

  • The Fundamentals: Naturopathic guidelines for health and wellness
  • Hormones 101: The roles hormones play, and how they affect our everyday
  • Motivation and Metabolism: The mechanics of metabolism, and the reality of motivation
  • You and Your Bones: Your skeleton is more than a hangar for your muscles
  • The Pump and Plumbing: Protect yourself from cardiovascular disease
  • Mood, Sleep, and Memory: Why is this changing, and what can I do about it?
  • Our Outsides: Our skin and hair


My goal is to help you achieve optimal health as you move through the phases of adulthood.  This series is designed for women who need information, solutions and community.   We discuss how to use small strategic actions on a daily basis to make big, real improvements in your health today. Please come to the Introductory Overview to learn about the Project, and bring questions!

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Class 1 – October 1st 6-7 pm

The Fundamentals:

There are certain concepts we need to cover in the beginning of the Project.  First we discuss the emunctories – the organs of elimination – and why they are the keystone to optimal health.  This covers more than what you’d think – and will show up in future classes!


Class 2 – October 8th 6-7pm

Hormones 101:


How can poor sleep affect my metabolism?  What does my achy joints have to do with my cycle?  How can fiber help with my hot flashes?  We will cover the basics of circulating female hormones, and how they connect to the fundamentals, and what you can do about them.


Class 3 – 4  October 15th and 22nd

Motivation and Metabolism:


As we age we make less estrogen – and estrogen is involved with muscle tissue management.  Less estrogen = less muscle = less muscle to burn calories.  How can we work with this information?  These two classes focus on exercise strategy, hormones and metabolism, and tools to help yourself make small but important changes in your diet, exercise, and self-talk.  Remember – with physiology there is no judgment – just chemistry.


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Class 5  October 29th – (free to 50/50 members) – 90 min class

0-4 Weeks Review and You and Your BONES:


0-4 Review is a 90 min class that goes over what we have done in The Project thus far.  We will review the Emunctories, Hormones 101, the Motivation/Metabolism two-parter and discuss some of the choices and tricks we’ve learned to help with staying on track with our exercise and decisions.  Then to add to the list, we will talk about bones and how we can protect ourselves from the bone loss that happens as we age.  We’ll explain pH, hopping, and how your skeleton is more than just a hanger for your muscles.  This class is a review for The Project, but also has new information for everyone.


Class 6  November 5th

The Pump and Plumbing:

Heart disease hits women pretty hard as we age.  There is a ton we can do to keep ourselves safe and productive for a long life.  In this class we will get into cholesterol as well as diabetes, but primarily we talk about inflammation and how to protect our heart and keep the plumbing happy and strong.


Class 7  November 12th

Mood, Sleep and Memory

Sleep is the cornerstone to good health, and we owe much of our memory and mood to a good night’s sleep.  Unfortunately for some, sleep eludes us – especially as we age.  And what about the brain fog so many women experience? The reasons are many, and some can be removed, and some are managed.  This class will pull in tools we’ve learned in previous classes which can be applied directly to this topic.  We will also discuss other options for support in this complicated subject.


Class 8  November 19th

Our Outsides – Skin and Hair

Certain changes happen as we age that everyone can see – our skin and hair, for example.  Some of the best support we can give our outer selves goes back to the fundamentals of the Emunctories, the organs of elimination we learned about before.  But there is more we can do – and remember not all skin issues are on the outside.  The gut, the kidneys, our liver all play a role in keeping our skin strong and healthy.


Class 9 November 26th – Free to 50/50 members – 90 min class

5-8 Review

Our final class to round out The Project.  We will review the second half of the series, including You and Your Bones, The Pump and Plumbing; Mood, Sleep and Memory, and Our Outsides about skin and hair.  This last class is not just for review, but to round up all we’ve learned as a group, and intentionally apply it to your own life.


We get to choose how we grow and mature on this planet – and we are not alone in this challenging time of adulthood.


Dates: 10 weeks on Tuesdays

Sept: 24

October: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

November: 5, 12, 19, 26

Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Price: 50/50 Members = $200

Non-Members = $250

*To sign up, please contact Dr. Willette at