New Year Startup Package - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

New Year Startup Package (Limited Time ONLY)

This Holiday Season we do something new and bundle our amazing services to give you the best startup package available!  This pack includes one month of unlimited classes, (1) baseline measurements session so we can see where you are and set where you want to be, and (1) one-on-one personal training session to talk through goals, nutrition, come up with a routine, and push yourself.

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  • One Month of Unlimited Classes
  • (1) One-on-one personal training session
  • (1) Baseline measurements session
  • $149 Value
  • $50 off special

The sale ends either when we have sold out of our 20 packages or when the clock strikes midnight on December 24th.

*Limited to New Members and only one purchase per person


When I turned 65, I set some new goals that included strength, toning, and flexibility training. Overall, I was in excellent health, but I knew something was missing – my musculature had changed as I aged – and arms, abs, and legs needed focused attention to strengthen and tone. I want to remain as strong and healthy as possible as I progress into the next chapter of my life.

I checked out a couple of local gym and personal training options – and when I experienced the expertise and individually tailored training sessions of 50/50, I was hooked! Since starting personal training November 2016, I have begun to achieve the goals I was seeking along with a feeling of overall well-being. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the fitness specialists can help me achieve as I continue to make this commitment to myself.

Veda Andrus, RN

Veda Andrus, RN

Purchase your Startup Pack Here!