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Welcome to 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition! New to the site? We have two locations, both conveniently located right on Route 9 in Hadley, each offering an array of classes and personal training options to fit your needs.

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We believe that one or two classes aren’t enough for someone to truly see the value of one of our memberships. For that reason, we offer all new clients one month of unlimited classes for just $59 ($49 for students and personal training clients). This gives you a chance to sample different classes and instructors at both locations so that you are able to find your optimal workout schedule!

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New Client Orientation:

Interested in finding out more about all of our services and offerings, and how you can fit in? Sign-up for a New Client Orientation with Mike Carlson and we’ll get to know you, and your goals, while you find out more about how we can help! We’ll review scheduling procedures, memberships, class types, etc., and work to construct a plan that makes sense, with your goals and abilities in mind.

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Personal Training

50/50 Fitness/Nutrition represents a balanced approach to health and wellness. Our systematic, multi-faceted approach to Personal Training, yields results. The value isn’t just in losing weight or getting in great shape, it’s in the learning process of achieving your goals and learning how to continue that success long-term.

Everyone is unique, and that’s why we personalize every aspect of your training program. We’ll work with you on finding what works best for you, while providing the accountability and support that you need. In our opinion, that’s what Personal Training is all about.

We are very pleased that you reached out to 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition for help in meeting your health and fitness goals. We have an amazing team of experienced Personal Trainers, Fitness Specialists, and Instructors that care deeply about not only helping you meet your goals, but helping you develop lifelong wellness skills and habits. You will find our 50/50 fitness community warm, inviting, and inclusive. In fact, we think our community, in addition to our caring and knowledgeable staff, is what sets us apart. So, without further ado, welcome to the 50/50 Fitness family!

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Targeted Strength Training Programs


The 50/50 Targeted Strength Training Programs are quite different than our group fitness classes or Fit Camp offerings.  Targeted Adult Training are structured programs designed to offer a well-rounded training program to achieve specific outcomes.  The Targeted programs utilize principles of traditional strength training such as Progressive Overload that allows for specific adaptation to imposed demand.  These designs allow for safe and effective progressions that are tracked on a Tracker Sheet to ensure greater success.  The programs are also offered within a small group setting of 8 participants, allowing for greater one-on-one attention from a certified personal trainer than found in our large group fitness classes. Also, the small group sessions result in great camaraderie and friendships.   It truly has become one of our most popular training services.


What deeper benefits can we derive from training, in particular Targeted Strength Training? Even beyond the more obvious health benefits of improving cardiac function or muscular endurance, increase in flexibility and mobility, change in body composition, strength training can truly improve our everyday lives.  Strength training should improve the function of movement.  In terms of activities of daily living we perform a wide array of movement activities: walking, jogging, jumping, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, turning, and many more.  These every-day activities involve smooth, rhythmic motions in the three planes of movement.

The time we put in our Targeted Strength Training Programs will not only increase the strength of our muscles, but also the coordination between our nervous and muscular systems. This is where the true pay-off of functional training lies. In functional training, we focus on training certain movements, over developing a certain muscle or muscle group in isolation. In this way, we translate the work we put in at the gym into improvements in the day in day out functionality of our body.


In designing Targeted Strength Training, Jay and his staff have focused on providing a high degree of functional fitness within a more traditional strength training program. Everything we do in class is meant to improve our functional fitness in a safe yet challenging way.


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At 50/50, we are all about celebrating community! From our yearly member recognition party- to local events like our Boot Camp to Wildwood BBQ, No Shave November Mustache Day, Bike to Brunch (to the New Homestead. Restaurant in Northampton), our Upcoming Tabata to Margaritas, and so much more!!  This is not your typical gym! When you walk through our doors, you will feel the difference!