Welcome to our community!

Welcome to our community!

“A Balanced Approach to Health and Wellness”


Welcome to 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition Community! New to the site? We have two locations, both conveniently located right on Route 9 in Hadley, each offering an array of classes and personal training options to fit your needs.

Voted number one Health and Fitness Center in the Valley – 2016-2019

17 Best of the Valley awards, in four years!

Our incredible member, Farshid!

I feel so lucky to have found my way to 50/50. The first time I showed up for the (free) Saturday morning Fit Camp this past July, I was barely able to jog 50 yards around the parking lot. There was this guy who went flying around the lot and wasn’t even breathing hard – when I commented on how fast he ran, he laughed and told me about how out of shape he had been until he’d found 50/50 just a short while earlier. It didn’t take long to figure out that his story was not so different from that of many other people I met at 50/50. What kept me coming back class after class though wasn’t so much the prospect of getting in shape as the fact that at the end of every single class I felt glad that I had shown up, that I had done something fun and worthwhile for myself but in a way that made it part of something bigger. The word that you’ll find almost always follows 50/50 is “community” — the friendly atmosphere, the wonderful people (from all walks of life and all kinds of ages, ability levels, goals, etc), and the extremely talented and caring instructors are what make this place so special.

– Farshid

We believe that one or two classes aren’t enough for someone to truly see the value of one of our memberships. For that reason, we offer all new clients one month of Unlimited Classes. This gives you a chance to sample different classes and instructors at both locations so that you are able to find your optimal workout schedule!

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