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Nutrition Program Description

Habit Shifting, Weekly Workshops, and More

Our 9-week program (8 weeks of instruction and a wrap-up week) is centered around habit change, and is the perfect way to start your summer.  The foundation of the program is small sustainable habit change, and with guidance from your coach and support from the group, you will tackle one small achievable goal every two weeks. We will all track our progress on these habits together on weekly tracker sheets. Additionally, each week on Thursdays at 7 pm we will offer a class focusing on different topics, including macronutrients, emotional eating, and eating out at restaurants. There will even be two guest lectures from registered nutritionists. In addition to the lecture, each session will include a group discussion, hands-on activity, and review of our progress with tracker sheets.

Camaraderie, Support, and More

In addition to the weekly classes, this program will offer 2 pop-up work-outs and fun group outings (for example, to a grocery store, dinner at a restaurant, and a fun seasonal activity!). The camaraderie and shared learning experience will help support healthy sustainable habit-change. In addition to these activities, participants will receive lots of digital support, including weekly emails with relevant reading, healthy seasonal recipes, assigned homework and tracker sheets. We encourage participants to continue participating after the initial 8 weeks. The content will continue to evolve and there is always room for small healthy habit change. This program is a great way to shake-up your season whether you are looking to shed some weight, build lean muscle, or simply eat more nutritious foods! We, encourage you to check it out!

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