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Anti-Aging Foods?

Anti-Aging Foods?
It’s no secret that we are what we eat. So much of our health and overall well-being is determined by what we choose to put into our bodies. So, how can we ensure we’re making the best choices?

More Meat, Please

Like getting your protein fix from meats? If you’re in the market for young-looking skin, you’ll be pleased to know that eating meat can help you get there. Just be careful, because not all meats are created equal.

For increased collagen that keeps your skin elastic, and vibrant, lean meats are the way to go. More into fish? Then get your fill of salmon. Full of the amazing omega-3 fatty acids that has been the talk of the medical community for years, salmon helps improve your circulation, all while giving your skin that healthy glow you want, and keeping your skin from getting too dry.

Fruits & Veggies, Too

Beside your meats (or in lieu of them if you’re not a meat-eater), you’ll want a healthy helping of fruits and vegetables.

What kind of fruits and vegetables can help you out? When it comes to your skin’s health, any fruit or vegetable is useful. Just remember that the more color a fruit has, the more nutrients it holds. The more nutrients, the better it is for your skin!

A few of the best include the following:

  • avocados—they provide healthy, monounsaturated fats that help your skin stay well hydrated
  • oranges—full of cell-hydrating water, vitamin C does double duty by helping create collagen, which keeps your skin plump and smooth
  • grapes—a particular chemical called resveratrol comes from grape skins and is remarkably efficient at fighting inflammation and bringing the aging process to a nice, slow pace
  • pomegranates—on top of fighting free radicals, they help preserve the collagen you’ve worked so hard to get in the first place
  • blueberries—they’re small and full of antioxidants that fight the damage to your skin caused by free radicals, sun damage, and stress
  • kale and spinach—these and other leafy greens serve to protect against damage done to your skin by the sun, improve your skin’s elasticity (which helps you look younger), and keep your skin as hydrated as possible
  • cauliflower and Brussels sprouts—they may not look like much, but they’re loaded with antioxidants and give your immune system a boost, while cauliflower even works to keep your teeth whiter (little know fact).

And a Little Grain

It’s hard to eat meal after meal without getting a little bit of grain in your diet. Fortunately for you, there is a way to make your grain intake lend your skin a helping hand. How? By eating oats. Oats, such as those found in oatmeal, are made up of complex carbohydrates and are low on the glycemic scale. Additionally, oats are full of plant-based chemicals that are responsible for preventing skin cell damage. When you have healthier skin, you have a healthier you — who looks young and happy and is ready to take on the world!

To look even younger, a challenging and consistent exercise program is a must. Here’s why…

Exercise is the only proven way to drastically combat aging and to regain your youthful body. In fact, most people are able to regain up to 1/3 of their muscle strength and mass after participating in an exercise program for just a couple of months. Many studies have also shown that seniors who exercise regularly live longer than those who don’t. No real surprise there!

Call or email us today and we’ll get you started on an exercise plan that’s designed to get you looking and feeling younger than you have in decades!

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