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Changing the way you eat…you can do it too!

Everyone’s conception of what it means to be healthy is slightly different. The first step in making an effective dietary change is to assess the situation. What are you missing? Are you actually looking at the big picture? it’s one thing to eat healthy, ‘low calorie’ foods. But are they the right ones? How do you know? You look at the ingredients. You learn how to read a food label. You begin to identify key words, vital nutrients, and differentiate the good choices from the bad. If you don’t know what something is, look it up! How else will you learn?

Take a look at this diary

What do you see? 

  1. Protein and fiber in every meal
  2. 22 entries for just 1,200 calories. That’s roughly 55 calories per item!
  3. 95% of the foods are all-natural, untouched.
  4. There are no excess calories to speak of. The largest meal is breakfast at 325.
  5. Every one of those meals/snacks could be prepared in under 5 minutes.

How does your diary stack up? Don’t over-complicate things. Take the time to assess the situation and identify simple substitutions to help eliminate those overly processed foods. Work to create a balance throughout the day. Start heavy and end light. Look for protein & fiber (natural) when you can. Finally, hit all of your major food groups! Simple is best… but only when you aren’t eating your meals out of a BOX!

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