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Red and processed meats cause cancer?

On Tuesday marked an interesting day in consumer history. Anytime the World Health Organization releases a study, especially one of this magnitude, people take notice. I use the word “consumer” because we are ultimately in charge of the products we buy, the politicians we buy into, and the information we choose to absorb (etc, etc.). Let me ask you this…

Would you buy a brand new, thousand dollar TV, without doing some online research?

Will you vote Donald Trump into office just because he’s a little different and doesn’t embody your typical politician? Who are we kidding, he’s a lot different.

So will you stop eating local, grass-fed, red meat once or twice weekly, as part of a well-balanced diet…because of this recent study? I urge you to do your homework and to consider this…

A correlation represents a strong (or probable) cause and effect relationship between two things, backed up by some form of scientific data. So, in this case, the incidence of certain cancers has been shown to increase in those who consume red and processed meats. First off, any time new cancer research hits the consumer driven world, eyebrows are sure to raise. People take note. After all, we still don’t know how to prevent the world’s deadliest disease. Don’t smoke… Check. Don’t subject yourself to chemicals and contaminants over prolonged periods of time… Check. Don’t eat cheeseburgers? Wait a minute. Let’s talk more about correlations…

Isn’t it possible that the same people who regularly eat highly processed foods are the same people that eat other highly processed, chemical laden foods? And the same people who exercise very minimally? I just think there are too many variables in the Western diet to zero in on any one thing, at least right away. So at the very least, like with anything, we encourage you to do your homework, to become your own advocates. We drive this consumer driven world; we are the ones that need to evoke and embrace change…in a meaningful, well-educated way.

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