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Creating an effective balance by eating fruits & vegetables

This journal entry stemmed from a conversation about making effective dietary changes without placing too many limits. For a lot of people, the problems arise when their are disruptions in the normal day. Sometimes, it just takes an hour or two to sit down, identify potential inconsistencies and work around them. By keeping protein sources and snacks with you at all times, you can prevent long lapses in your day and intense bouts of hunger, all while keeping your calorie count down. If you’re hungry, EAT! …but only if you’ve worked on a plan and have developed some sense of control.

I counted somewhere near 20 fruits and veges on here! Every little bit counts, it can be done!

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Lots of substance!

See how much you can actually eat without breaking the bank! Notice the nice blend of simple and complex carbohydrates in the morning, along with some much needed protein. *Ignore the miscalculation on the first item!

Next, check out the portion control. It’s extreme and somewhat intimidating, but it’s effective. This individual took the time to input each and every food item very meticulously. This shows commitment, dedication, and the ability to take the knowledge and (hopefully) begin to make a direct and personal application of that knowledge. The most successful individuals are those who begin to take this experience to the next level. Only we know what’s happening in our bodies – how we feel, how we’re responding to certain foods, etc. Only we can draw these connections. If we don’t learn and begin to take ownership, we can never truly be successful.

Finally, take a look at the creativity. What about that day screams DIET to you?

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The 5 Best Ways to Lose Weight

Are any of you counting calories and doing your cardio and still not seeing the weight loss results you want? Justin has most likely told you all of these already, but just in case you need a reminder, here’s a really useful video that will count down the top five ways to lose weight: