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 Personal Training at 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

“A Balanced Approach to Health & Wellness”

Thank you for your interest in us at 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition for your Personal Training needs.  We strive to safely coach our clients to achieve their goals of a healthier lifestyle, one step at a time.

50/50 Fitness/Nutrition utilizes a balanced fitness and wellness approach in personal training that centers healthy and sustainable progress toward fitness goals.  Personal training individualizes every aspect of a client’s training program while providing the accountability and support to improve fitness, mobility and on-going health and wellness.  We take a safe and holistic big picture approach to recognize key challenges across an individual’s health and wellness spectrum. We expound on that by continuously assessing and determining individual need and by continuing to raise the bar higher. We look at body composition, muscular imbalances and posture, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular health, and nutrition. We work to develop a comprehensive program and roadmap designed to help clients realize their goals and ultimately, their true potential.


Our training experiences are truly life changing and now in-person or virtual!


What People Say

When I turned 65, I set some new goals that included strength, toning, and flexibility training. Overall, I was in excellent health, but I knew something was missing – my musculature had changed as I aged – and arms, abs, and legs needed focused attention to strengthen and tone. I want to remain as strong and healthy as possible as I progress into the next chapter of my life.

I checked out a couple of local gym and personal training options – and when I experienced the expertise and individually tailored training sessions of 50/50, I was hooked! Since starting personal training November 2016, I have begun to achieve the goals I was seeking along with a feeling of overall well-being. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the fitness specialists can help me achieve as I continue to make this commitment to myself.

Veda Andrus, RN

Veda Andrus, RN

What is a Health & Fitness Specialist?

At 50/50 Fitness, we try not to use the term “personal trainer”.  We believe that the relationship should extend far beyond the scope of the session to include support in all aspects of your life. We’ll never meet with you then say “see you later or see you next time”. What about all of the decisions you’ll be forced to make before next time? It’s too hard to see the results we all crave without a commitment on both ends. The mutual understanding is that we are always equally as invested in this process as you are. We work together to create something achievable and workable by clearly defining goals, and outlining the processes that are going to get us there.

We are all so incredibly different. All of you come from very different backgrounds, move differently, and work differently. You have different hobbies, different learning methods, and different personalities. The list goes on and on. A good personal trainer will give an effective, safe, well-prepared and documented work out. A health and fitness specialist first begins to address all of these individual differences by gathering as much information as he/she possibly can. From there, he/she will determine the appropriate course of action based on your life, your schedule, and your goals, while incorporating all of the things that you love as part of an overall, big-picture program–one that’s sustainable and constantly evolving. As a result, the relationship is long-lasting and the results are long-lasting, the way it should be.

How do I know if personal training is right for me?

We invite you to read more about our personal training process, and really try to eliminate any preconceived notions that you have about personal training, in general. In other words, take what you know and throw it away! We’re doing things differently here, and we want you on board. The value that you’ll receive is unlike any training program out there. New and existing clients alike, this is just the beginning of a complete revitalization. Read on and we’ll get you started.

We’ve been working hard to recreate and redefine our personal training offerings, to include what we believe are the key components to health and wellness. These 50/50 Focal Points, together, represent the complete picture – a holistic snapshot of your life, your strengths, and your shortfalls. Think of these focal points as pillars or building blocks. If one pillar is broken, or one block is missing, the overall structure is not as strong.

You see, personal training is not just for weight loss, training for a race, or looking good in a swim suit. Sure, it can be those things. But, ideally, our job is to push you to be the best you can be, by working with you to identify first, what that even means. The weight loss, your personal record in a race, those are side effects. Those are the products of your ultimate success. If you don’t work on the big picture, something will always, always trip you up. For many of you it’s diet. For others, it’s injury. Injury occurs because of poor movement patterns, because of lack of flexibility or mobility at the joint. Preventing injury and preventing long-term health problems starts here as well.

Begin to shift your focus away from the here and now, and more towards the eventual. Where are we going, and how do we get there? It’s not just personal training, it’s classes too. It’s not just classes, it’s incorporating “home”work too. This is your life. One workout or series of workouts will not define your life. One systematic, evolving plan that highlights needs and potential areas of improvement, will.


Step 1: Virtual Health and Fitness Consultation

Click the button below to set up a health and wellness consultation. Complimentary consultations allow potential or new members to explore how 50/50 can help support their wellness goals through one-on-one conversations with staff.  We take the time to meet you, learn about your story, ease your concerns, and identify ways to support and encourage your health and wellness journeys.



Step 2: Fitness Assessment (Only for in person training)

We will conduct a thorough assessment, that is based on our focal points. We will give you real data, that you can use as a basis for improvement, and as a comparison to others your age.  We will do an extensive series of tests to assess your current health and fitness level, to develop a program that will best fit you, your lifestyle, and all the information we’ve gathered thus far. This is also the time to discuss your goals and changes you desire and choose your Health & Fitness Specialist (subject to availability). Your first training session, and subsequent training sessions will take place at our training facility (231 Russell Street).


Step 3: Scheduling your 1st In-Person or Virtual Session

You’re assigned a trainer based on the above, and the two of you begin to work on your goals, needs, and program.