Personal Training

50/50 Fitness/Nutrition represents a balanced approach to health and well-being. We encourage cross training…incorporating a variety of classes and techniques to promote strength, mobility, and cardiovascular health while complementing with sound nutritional choices.

Our Fitness Training Philosophy…

No two bodies are the same. Everyone reacts differently to food and activity. Subsequently, every workout and meal plan must be geared to meet those needs. It takes more than an hour or two each week with your Health & Fitness Specialist to really see the results you crave. When we engage with you, we stay in touch throughout the week, checking in on your progress, monitoring nutrition, and helping plan physical activity outside of our sessions.

Our services go well beyond the “session” to look at the big picture, supporting you in the ways you need. A “diet” is temporary. New habits that are healthy and personally appropriate require professional attention. When they’re carefully assembled just for you and slowly added over time, they can be sustainable for the long term.

Habits can be changed with dedication and support. It takes time, but when it’s done right, you develop changes that you can maintain. Personal training with us is a learning experience, which will ultimately give you the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle and feel great about it!

For these reasons, with all our clients, we include additional services for no charge, including online diet monitoring (using a free website), monthly measurements, and regular support. We encourage questions and make ourselves available to you as needed. We promise, you’re never in it alone!

We want to be able to help in any way we can. We believe that this is the true secret to success…having specialists who are knowledgeable and qualified to support you and to keep you working towards your goals! From all angles. Everyone deserves that chance to succeed.

Where Do I Begin?

The Personal Training Consultation

Your initial personal training consultation will take place with Jay McWilliams, Director of Personal Training and Strength Programs or Justin Killeen, Owner. You will have received a pre-consultation questionnaire, or one will be sent to you to fill out electronically. At this meeting, we‘ll discuss the personal training program and review the personal training packages that are available to best suit your needs, budget, and overall training plan. This meeting will take place at our main location (251 Russell Street), unless otherwise noted.

Your First Training Session

Your first session will consist of an overall fitness screen and evaluation. Jay will do an extensive series of tests to assess your current health and fitness level, to develop a program that will best fit you, your lifestyle, and all the information we’ve gathered thus far. This is also the time to discuss your goals and changes you desire, take measurements or before pictures (optional), and choose your Health & Fitness Specialist (subject to availability). Your first training session, and subsequent training sessions will take place at our satellite location (226 Russell Street).

Personal Training Packages

Each appointment ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. The expectation is that you arrive 5 to 15 minutes early, to begin to go through your assigned warm-up routine. This could include some mild cardio, foam rolling, trigger point therapy, or completing various corrective exercises, based on your initial intake. Although we charge per “session”, much of our time is spent outside of the appointment: planning, researching, and working with other healthcare practitioners to continue to learn about you, and any potential limitations. Safe and effective practice means gaining and utilizing as much information as possible, as often as it arises. As you respond to the changes we’re beginning to make together, our job is to continue to adapt, to find what’s working, and to tweak what maybe isn’t working as well. We strive to maximize efficiency, and to create a holistic plan that makes sense for you – inside and outside of the gym.

Our equipment is highly functional. We like to train and teach lifestyle change…learning how to use the body efficiently and effectively, learning how to eat well, really taking a one step at a time approach. 

It’s that approach to personal training that yields results. The value isn’t just in losing weight or getting in great shape… it’s in learning what it took to get there and how to continue that success long-term.

Which training package is right for me?

Any personal training purchase starts with a commitment to yourself. The value is not just in the workout, but in learning to apply the tools that we give you to begin to initiate long-term change. Our job is to consistently evaluate our major training points: cardiovascular health, overall strength and balance, flexibility/mobility, and nutrition, to determine where you need the most support. And that can very well change over time. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. As we go through changes, and life takes its toll, we may find ourselves needing support in one or many areas.

So, whether you’re a seasoned athlete, first time exerciser, recent retiree, young adult, or anywhere in between, our job is to meet your needs. Every program is different, and highly specific. Think of each training package as an investment in yourself, and of your time working on yourself. Consider coming 2-3 times per week if you are new, or 1-2 times per week if you are just looking to get back into a groove. Start to ask yourselves these questions: How motivated am I to workout outside of the gym (exercise readiness)? Am I more likely to stick with a program, if I have committed to an appointment (exercise adherence)? What does the beginning of a routine usually look like for me, and has it worked in the past (success rate)?

10 Training Sessions  – The average starting point for the average person looking for a jump start. Exercise readiness and adherence are high. You’re the type of person ready to initiate change, and willing to take on extra work outside of the gym. Your success rate in the past has been moderate to high. This training package lasts, on average, between 5-10 weeks. Your Health & Fitness Specialist will help you determine at which point you may/should begin to taper and/or transition into classes.

20 Training Sessions  – You have a specific goal in mind, and a time frame in which to achieve it. You want the flexibility of scheduling sessions as often as is needed or recommended. You’re ready to exercise, but maybe haven’t had as much success as you would have liked in the past. This package gives us more time to delve in deeper, and really understand you on a different level, generally lasting at least 8 weeks.

40 Training Sessions – You’re ready to make a long-term commitment and trust in us to help you achieve clearly defined and measurable goals along the way. You understand this is a long-term process and that there is always more to strive for and achieve.

Our Health & Fitness Specialists happily serve individuals from Hadley, Northampton, Amherst, Greenfield and surrounding communities.