Pioneer Valley Racing | Running Clinics

 2nd Annual Happy Valley Half Marathon & 5k + Winter Running  Clinics

October 22, 2017

Half Marathon: Start time is 9:00AM

5k: Start time is 9:30AM

Registration Rates:

Half Marathon: $60 when registering before August 1st.

5K: $30 when registering before August 1st.

50/50 Members, use coupon code RUNLOCAL to save $5 off of your registration!


All of the clinics meet at the 50/50 Satellite Gym – 226 Russell Street (Across from Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters)

Running at night in the winter can be safe, a whole lot of fun and a great way to get a running start, no pun intended, to your spring training! We will start and finish each run at the nicely heated 50/50 satellite location. Each bi-weekly run will vary the intensity and route but we will always stick together as a group. You will receive an email with a running schedule as well as recommended gear and clothing list before the first run.

We will discuss:

  1. Layering for the temperature
  2. Tips for running safely in the dark
  3. Gear recommendations
  4. All of your questions!
ClinicDateTimeMeeting LocationTheme
112/7/166:00 PM50/50 Satellite Gym - 226 Russell StreetWe will do 5 miles at a base building aka conversational pace. Running at a conversational pace is one of the key building blocks to increased speed and endurance.
212/21/166:00 PM50/50 Satellite Gym - 226 Russell StreetThis 4 mile tempo run will add some intensity and will be a great way to stay warm on a cold winter night. Tempo runs are done at a semi intense pace and are a key to improving your lactate threshold.
31/4/176:00 PM50/50 Satellite Gym - 226 Russell StreetWe will start the New Year off right with 7 miles at an easy pace. Long runs, like this, are they key to endurance and they are a lot more fun in a group run!
41/18/176:00 PM50/50 Satellite Gym - 226 Russell StreetJanuary might be the coldest part of the winter but you wonÕt notice that as we increase the heart rate with speed intervals. These runs can help improve your pace along with the ability to sustain it.
52/1/176:00 PM50/50 Satellite Gym - 226 Russell StreetThis run will take on some hills over 6 miles at a tempo pace. This is a great workout for anyone who is training for a hilly road race in the spring.
62/15/176:00 PM50/50 Satellite Gym - 226 Russell StreetSpring is right around the corner and this run will test your endurance with 9 easy miles.
72/22/176:00 PM50/50 Satellite Gym - 226 Russell StreetThis clinic will pick up the pace as we take on a 4-mile Fartlek training run. Fartlek means, Òspeed playÓ and that means we will work in some challenging intervals to our run.