50/50 Signature Training Program and Fitness Package Pricing - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition


OPTION 1 : Join the 50/50 Signature Training Program.

History: We have been working extensively on compiling information, research, and real life case studies to determine what strategies are effective, and what patterns are transparent. Our goal was simple. We wanted to create something truly meaningful and valuable that would go beyond the scope of the normal training “session”. We at 50/50 take our jobs very seriously. We recognize that there are so many decisions and variables that ultimately define your health and wellness. On top of that, we are all so incredibly different. From body type, to muscle imbalances, to injuries, age, and a million more. There is and never will be one simple equation. There is and never will be one quick fix. What we can promise and what we can promote is habit-forming change, behavior modification, and long-term growth and development. At the end of the day, these are the only tools that really matter. Anyone can go on a diet or show up at the gym. We delve deeper and we strive for more. We work to take apart the puzzle and then to put it back together again. That’s what this program is about. It’s about teaching you how to be the best you. It’s about taking a holistic, one-of-a-kind snapshot of your life, and working to reshape and restructure it. We use Focal Points and a comprehensive workbook to drive this process forward.

As part of the new training program, you don’t pay per session, you pay monthly. You can come onto the program and off of the program at any time. We don’t pause the membership when you’re away, because our job is not to put your fitness on hold. Our job is to custom craft a workout plan that makes sense for you, where you are, and what equipment you have access to.

There are no hidden fees and no extra charges for added services. All that we have to offer is rolled into one program.


1 Month EFT – $459, withdrawn on the same day of every month.

$499 including a Standard Membership to the gym (13 classes/month)

Save 10% when you sign-up for a minimum of 3 months, and pay up front.


Here’s an example of what a three month training program would look like:

3 Months – $1497 $1347 (with 10 percent savings)

  • One Standard Membership (13 classes/Month) ($297 Value)
  • One Initial Assessment ($65 Value)
  • 2 SMART goal setting sessions at the 1 month and 3 month mark ($50 Value)
  • 2 – 30 minute Nutrition Check-ins per month ($150 Value)
  • Body Composition Measurements Included monthly ($45 Value)
  • 8 training sessions/month ($1200)
  • Custom home programming and vacation plans included ($65 Value)

Total cost if paid separately: $1,872

Once your Health & Fitness Specialist has been assigned, you’ll receive your workbook and schedule your first SMART goal session. In this session, you’ll work together through our focal points and custom create a series of goals. These goals are generally much more meaningful than “weight loss” or “training for a race”. The goals are process driven, and not product driven. These goal sessions take place every 3 months, to give you the opportunity to re-evaluate with your HFS.

Every month you’ll have 8 training sessions and 2 – 30 minute nutrition check-ins with a certified Precision Nutrition coach (bi-weekly). If you travel, or need custom home programming, your HFS will provide that for you, and update it periodically as your needs and goals change.

Overall, we view this program as an opportunity to take personal training to a whole new level. We do not anticipate offering a 1x/weekly program at this time. With the extensive nature of the program, we need the one-on-one time to bring it all to fruition.

With that being said, we’re excited to have the opportunity to continue to work with all of you, and believe we can help you achieve your goals, in whichever package or program option you so choose. We are also happy to sit down and review all of these options with you.

OPTION 2 : Sign up for a fitness package

1 session $65

5 sessions $300

10 sessions $550

20 sessions $1000

Fitness Package add-ons

Home Routines and Vacation Plans: $65/Hour 

Your trainer will create a customized routine for you to complete at home using the equipment you have available and utilizing your training goals and objectives. The exercise program will be sent to you incorporating clear instructions and graphics, ensuring you have the information you need to workout safely and effectively.  Going on vacation? Your trainer can create a workout plan for your vacation to ensure you continue to progress during your time away from training. These workouts will be customized and accessible whether you are making use of a hotel gym, the beach, or simply your room. Out trainers put time, energy, and thought into designing a custom workout for you that will meet your needs when you can’t join us. This service is also available for those not currently working with a personal trainer. In order to have a routine developed, first you will need to complete a Functional Movement Screen, and then a Health and Fitness Specialist can develop a home routine focused on necessary corrective exercise.

Full Assessment: Only available to those participating in training program

For those participating in the full training program, the assessment reflects our well-rounded training approach, centering on our training Focal Points: strength, cardiovascular function, balance, flexibility, mobility, and posture. This holistic approach is truly what sets our training program apart from other gyms. The assessment is the starting point, evaluating your movement and fitness, developing baselines from which you and your trainer will create SMART goals and ways to track your progress throughout your journey. The assessment is an hour long and often uncovers areas of weakness and movement dysfunction that may be holding you back from progressing in your fitness. The assessment is an hour long and uses tests based on current fitness industry and health standards to accurately measure your current standings and provide a baseline from which you will progress.

Functional Movement Screen ($65 or one session from your Fitness Package)

For those purchasing a la carte services, we offer the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as an assessment. Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. The screen consists of seven tests: squat, hurdle step, lunge, shoulder mobility, active leg raise, push-up, and rotary stability. Improper movement patterns identified by these tests can be addressed through corrective exercise. The trainer will utilize the FMS 360Pro Database to help generate a routine of appropriate corrective exercise.

Smart Goal Session $25:

Almost all of us have a goal in mind when we start the fitness journey. A SMART goal session with a Health and Fitness Specialist will help refine your goal and enhance your chances of success. You will meet with a trainer and work on creating a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding, and Timely. This method is proven to improve goal attainment, and through this session you will learn strategies to improve your chances of success.

Body Composition Analysis $15: 

Understanding your body composition is extremely useful in tracking progress towards your goals. Defining your lean mass and body fat percentage allows us to better track progress in a more meaningful way than body weight alone. Your trainer will use calipers and body circumference measurements to determine your ratio of body fat and lean mass. These numbers can be used to set goals, guide training program design, and achieve measurable results.

30 minute Nutrition Check-in: $25 /visit 

A certified Precision Nutrition coach will sit down with you for a one-time review of your diet and goals. Through question and answer, our coach will help you identify areas of struggle and help you create a plan to improve your overall nutrition and health. For those looking for more in depth guidance, we highly recommend the 12 week nutrition program.

12 Week Nutrition Program (6 –  30 minute sessions) Coming in 2018

This program centers on the process of behavior change and habit development, strategies that are essential for long term success. Our certified Precision Nutrition coach will work with you over the course of 12 weeks, meeting with you for 30 minutes every other week. Each session will build upon the last and utilize Precision Nutrition principles to help you create a nutritional program that best fits your needs, helps you meet your goals, is sustainable long term, and most importantly that you enjoy. Using this approach, there is no one size fits all “diet”, rather our coach will work closely with you to identify your individual needs and struggles and help you in the process of behavior change to optimize your results in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable for you. Over the course of 12 weeks, you will begin to create habits that can truly last a lifetime. This program can be continued after the 12 weeks, for those who desire continued support or if goals change and develop over time.