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Run a 10K on New Year’s Day

Winter Running Program

Stay motivated to run through the holidays and into the New Year with this small group running program! This 9-week running program (10 sessions) meets at 8:30am on Sunday mornings as well as on Friday, Jan 1, 2021. Each week, runners will meet in Hadley or nearby towns to run together (following COVID precautions). The end time will vary depending on the day’s workout. Participants will have the opportunity to try different types of workouts as they slowly increase their mileage.

The program will begin with a 3-mile run paired with a strength training session specifically for improving running form and preventing injury. Other runs include tempo runs, Fartleks, speed training, and a hill workshop. The program includes two virtual sessions, which will include a warm up with the group via zoom, a workout suggestion for runners to do in their own neighborhoods, and then strengthening and stretching together via zoom. The program culminates with a 10k run for the participants on New Year’s Day, followed by one more session that focuses on race recovery techniques. What a great way to start the year! Runners of all speeds and experience levels are welcome, although a base of 3-miles is recommended.

Schedule (Workouts and locations may vary because of weather):

  • Nov 8: 3-mile run and strength training (Hadley)
  • Nov 15: speedwork at the track (either Northampton or Amherst)
  • Nov 22: *virtual* 4-5 mile run with stretch and strength at the end
  • Nov 29: Tempo run workout (location TBD)
  • Dec 6: Hill workshop (Northampton)
  • Dec 13: 6-8-mile long run at easy pace (location TBD)
  • Dec 20: 4-mile run and strength training session (Hadley)
  • Dec 27: *virtual* 5 mile run with stretch and strength at the end
  • Jan 1: NEW YEAR’S DAY 10k! 10am, Friday, January 1, 2020 (Hadley)
  • Jan 3: Recovery day – short jog/walk, rolling, stretching, and recovery session (Hadley)

Featuring Running Coach and Personal Trainer Lisa Ritchie

When:  Sundays 8:30 am start time, November 8 – January 3

Where:  Meeting locations for in person shift around the Valley

Cost:  $200 for 9 week program

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