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The “I want to run but don’t have time”  *Virtual* Running Program

Starts Wednesday, July 15, 2020

This 8-week virtual program is for anyone who wants to run, jog, or walk consistently, but needs help prioritizing it during the busy week (wait, isn’t that all of us?). The virtual platform allows you flexibility, so you can participate even if you travel, and there’s no commute time to get to the gym! Despite being in different locations, we will still feel the motivation, support, accountability, and fun of being in a group.

  • The running group will meet virtually via Zoom at 5:15pm on Wednesdays to check in, do a short indoor warm up together, and discuss the day’s workout options.
  • There will be challenge, intermediate, and beginner options each week, with workouts emailed to participants the day before.
  • Runners and walkers will complete a workout in their own neighborhood that will take 30- 35 minutes.
  • We will meet again online following the workout via  to debrief, complete three strength exercises, and stretch.
  • Participants will receive a training calendar with all the workouts and video with 5-minute strength training routines that are especially good for runners.

Featuring Running Coach and Personal Trainer Lisa Ritchie

When: Wednesdays 5:15 pm, July 15-September 2, 2020

Cost: $160/8 Weeks of Training

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Summer Distance Running Program *Hybrid Virtual and In-Person*


Run together even when you have to run apart–and sometimes run together, 12 feet apart! This hybrid distance running program meets every other week in person, and the other weeks via zoom. That way, we combine the benefits of in-person coaching and running (with masks) with the flexibility and (less need for masks) of virtual training. We will meet each Saturday at 8am to warm up together with dynamic stretching; then we will complete a specific workout or long run; when we finish running, we’ll complete three strength exercises together (great for injury prevention!), and then stretch. On days that we meet via zoom, we will meet at 8am and then choose a return time for post-run strength training, stretching, and running recaps. Because the length of our runs will vary, the end time of this program will also vary. If the weather is very hot, we may also decide as a group to meet earlier. Runners will also receive a training calendar with weekday workout suggestions and 5-minute strength routines. Anyone who is currently comfortable running 4.5 miles (any pace!) and interested in running longer is welcome to participate.


This program runs for 7 weeks from June 20-August 1

When: Starts June 20th and is every Saturday at 8 AM! Weeks alternate between in-person and virtual training sessions.
Where: 231 Russell Street (Training Facility for in-person)
Cost: $160/7 Weeks of Training
How Often: Once a week on Saturdays