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Winter Hike Up North Sugarloaf

Sunday, March 7, 9:00 am

You may be familiar with South Sugarloaf Mountain–the beautiful peak right off of Route 116. But have you ever explored the trails that go to the North Sugarloaf peak? They are considerably less traveled and so much fun.

We will meet at 9am on Sunday, March 7, to hike a 5-mile loop to the North Sugarloaf peak. March weather brings all kinds of interesting snow conditions, so we will most likely be hiking in snow cleats to help with traction. If you’ve never hiked in cleats before, get ready for fun! If you need snow cleats (like Yaktracks or Katoolahs), we have some extras you can borrow. Bring your mask, water, snacks, lots of layers (key for hiking in the cold!), and spirit of adventure.

The hike is intermediate in terms of challenge, and hikers of all experience levels are welcome to join. We will spread out along the trail to be safe, but we will still be able to enjoy each other’s company.

Once you sign up, Lisa will send you an email with more details. Looking forward to seeing you in person soon! Contact with questions!

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Winter Training Program for Runners

Stay in shape this winter through strength training and running! This 8-week training plan will help you stay motivated and fit throughout the coldest months of the year. The program runs over the course of 10 weeks with two weekends off. On these weekends, runners have the option of participating in an outdoor adventure (most likely up Mt Sugarloaf or Mt Toby) offered through 50/50.Indoor strength training sessions will include a variety of exercises from cardio to core to balance to keep runners strong and injury-free. Indoor strength training will be limited to 5 people so that everyone can spread out. Windows will be open, and masks will be worn.

On running days, we will try a variety of workouts. All experience levels and speeds are welcome, but you should have a base of at least 3 miles. We will begin each run with a warm up, dynamic stretching, and form drills. Different weeks will have different types of running workouts, from endurance work to hills to speed. We will finish each run with stretching and key strength training exercises.

If you would like to participate in this program for only strength training or only outdoor running, that’s possible! Email for details on drop-in attendance or joining only outdoor or indoor training.

Featuring Running Coach and Personal Trainer Lisa Ritchie

When:  Sundays 8 am start time, January 17-March 21, 2021

Where:  Meeting locations for in person shift around the Valley

Cost:  $200 for full 8 week program