Small Group Strength Training FAQ - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Small Group Training Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a beginner at strength training, is this program a good fit?

Yes! SGT has the ability to be much more customizable than group classes and all levels, from beginner to advanced, can work out together and challenge themselves appropriately. One of the most rewarding aspects of SGT is seeing and tracking your progress over time. Beginners will be shocked by how much they can progress in the first few weeks, and often report feeling encouraged and inspired by more advanced participants. It is a warm and compassionate environment with everyone supporting each other. Education in regards to learning the correct form for new exercises and new equipment is extremely important to us and a feeling of safety is our number one priority.

I am an older client and am not sure if this is the right fit for me.

Our small groups consist of clients of all ages and ability levels. Whether you are an athlete, someone who enjoys the great outdoors, or maybe someone who just wants to feel comfortable picking up your grandchildren or continuing to garden, small group training is designed to help you. Our trainers break down the exercises to demonstrate form cues and are happy to provide alternatives if needed so our clients feel 100% confident in the movement that they are doing no matter what age or experience level.

Do I really need to attend twice a week?

The program is designed for twice a week attendance and you will get the most out of the program if you are able to attend twice per week. However, if this is not possible in your schedule, you can attend once per week and still receive a strong benefit

I have an injury I am rehabilitating from, is SGT right for me?

SGT has worked wonders for many participants with injuries and physical limitations. The small group environment and one on one coaching allow for safe effective strength training for those with some limitations. Personal training may be a better option if you are very restricted by your doctor or physical therapist, or if your goal is a more specific rehabilitation program for a certain body part. But, if you are looking for full body strength training while working around an injury, SGT is a great option.

What is the cost of SGT?

  • 2x/week (16 sessions) = $320
  • 1x/week (8 sessions) = $200

How long is the Small Group Program?

The Small Group Strength Training program runs for 8 week periods of time. Interested in continuing after your first 8 week program? We offer small group about 4 times throughout the year and will begin marketing for the new sessions before the current program is done.

What if I can’t make it all 8 weeks?

Because of the way Small Group Strength Training is programmed, we will only have 8 week sessions on the weeks/days that we have scheduled, as to not interfere with other studio happenings/events. There will be NO makeup weeks and NO refund for sessions that have been missed. 

*On major holiday weeks like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, we will not be holding small group. However, the program is still 8 weeks long.



Small Group Training (SGT) is an 8 week progressive strength based program focused on educating our clients to properly perform full body, specific movement patterns in a safe, challenging environment. You will work with a group of up to 8 people as well as a Certified Functional Strength Coach, who will oversee the program and help you achieve your strength based goals, by providing valuable feedback on ways to help you improve. While most of our participants are between the ages of 40-65 years old, we welcome any and all ages and fitness levels, as we believe everyone finds value in what we teach. Whether you are looking to get an extra, more focused strength based workout throughout the week, feel less pain while gardening, or be able to pick up your grandchildren more confidently, this program is designed to help you feel stronger in your body and mind. We encourage you to come twice a week to truly reap the benefits of this program, but once a week clients still feel a positive difference. At about $20 a session, you will begin to understand why small group training has been a must have in most of our clients’ routines and why so many have continued to incorporate it in their daily lives. Sign up now, while spaces are still available. We can’t wait to get started!