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Strength Training Program

Get that Spring back in your Step

Small Group Strength Training (SGT) is an 8 week progressive strength based program focused on educating our clients to properly perform full body, specific movement patterns in a safe, challenging environment. You will work with a group of up to 8 people as well as a Certified Functional Strength Coach, who will oversee the program and help you achieve your strength based goals, by providing valuable feedback on ways to help you improve. While most of our participants are between the ages of 40-65 years old, we welcome any and all ages and fitness levels, as we believe everyone finds value in what we teach. Whether you are looking to get an extra, more focused strength based workout throughout the week, feel less pain while gardening, or be able to pick up your grandchildren more confidently, this program is designed to help you feel stronger in your body and mind. We encourage you to come twice a week to truly reap the benefits of this program, but once a week clients still feel a positive difference. At about $20 a session, you will begin to understand why small group training has been a must have in most of our clients’ routines and why so many have continued to incorporate it in their daily lives.  We can’t wait to get started!


Small Group Strength Training

Small Group Training Programs are offered in 8 week sections. Once you have signed up for a specific small group, you will commit to working with that trainer and group for the entirety of the 8 weeks. Looking to get started? Simply contact to receive more information.


To maximize the benefits of the program, we highly recommend twice a week attendance, but once a week attendance is possible. Each session allows a maximum of 6 participants, ensuring a safe training environment and plenty of one-on-one coaching from the trainer. Clients of all activity levels and ages are welcome!

  • Structured Weekly Exercises and Tracking for Measurable Results
  • Small Group of Participants
  • Certified Strength Training Coaches
  • Warm Community Environment
  • 4 Years of Success and Counting
  • Best results at 2x/week
  • Coming soon for Spring 2021!


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Olivia Williams’ Experience

“I was taking classes at 50/50 for about a year when I decided I wanted more. I had always thought about lifting, but honestly it scared me. My impression of weight rooms was that they were filled with loud grunting, intense humans lifting and throwing weights. I imagined crossfit on steroids. Honestly, not my scene. This fear was coupled with the fact that I had no idea about the proper form for lifting, so I was scared that someone would call me out in the weight room again (which had happened countless times before).

            The classes I had taken at 50/50 showed me that it was a supportive community, so I decided to talk to Jay about lifting. He encouraged me to try Target Strength, and I am so thankful that I did as it changed my thoughts about fitness and lifting. First, the atmosphere of the class is incredibly supportive. Whether you are lifting 10lbs or 100lbs, there is always someone cheering you on to get one more rep or push yourself a bit harder. Both Jay and the participants in the class want you to succeed and progress. Second, Jay is incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. He takes time with every participant to make sure they have correct form. As someone who struggles with form, I know he is patient in explaining each exercise over and over again week after week. Third, you can see progress every week both on paper and in results.

            I said goodbye to 50/50 in May as I graduated from college and moved away from the area. Honestly, saying goodbye to the Targeted community was as hard as saying goodbye to my college friends. I miss the people, community and comradery. The silver lining is that I did not realize till I left how much I learned. I spent the summer on an island with no gym, but I took many of the exercises I learned at Targeted and modified them with my 12 lbs weights. More importantly, I gained an incredible amount of confidence through Targeted. I now walk confidently into a weight room not worried about what other people say or think about how I am lifting because I know that I have correct form. I now think about workouts as a combination of strength and cardio rather than just cardio. I am forever grateful to Jay and the Target community as they gave me confidence and a new inspiration for fitness.”

-Olivia Williams

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