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Targeted Strength & Conditioning Testimonial

TSCTargeted Strength and Conditioning completely changed my workout routine. I am down 20 pounds thanks to all of the support from 50/50 and a complete nutrition makeover. My endurance had improved vastly and I had developed a love for spin, but something was missing. My weight loss had plateaued and I felt like I needed a dramatic change.

Jay McWillliams contacted me and I began Targeted Strength and Conditioning. Before anyone begins the class, Jay completes an evaluation to see what weight you will start at, your flexibility, and then he teaches you the proper posture and alignment for different exercises. Jay really takes care to make sure that you will not injure yourself, or REINJURE yourself. I have had a back injury that for years, and after X-rays and PT, still causes me quite a bit of pain from time to time. Since taking the time, care, and strengthening the correct muscle groups I can honestly say that I have not been experiencing pain in my spine, and I think that a significant amount of this strength has come from Targeted Strength and Conditioning.

My body is more sculpted and stronger! Areas that were flabby that I could NOT get to tighten, have tightened!  Lifting weights in a functional, healthy manner was the best thing I could have added to my fitness routine, and I love watching the numbers increase.  I cannot forget to mention how fun this class is as well. There’s a great vibe and wonderful people! I will miss you all so much when I move, and Jay, I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to this aspect of my fitness routine!

-Chelsey Anderson 

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