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After 30 years in the Happy Valley and trying nearly all the gyms in the area for about a month each (you know – the New Years Eve resolution.), I talked with a neighbor who I had watched not only lose weight, but also transform her body. She raved about 50/50 and very kindly said, how long do you want to continue looking like that. Well, that did it and I called 50/50 the next week!

At 50/50, I found a community of trainers and new friends, (and quite a few neighbors!) who have supported me through a weight loss of 24.6 lbs (at age 61, every little bit counts) and the joy of newly found muscles! In TRX classes, I found a cadre (gaggle?) of women who work hard, laugh readily, support each other without reservation, and eagerly accept new members. In the spinning classes, I see people of all ages doing what they can (and always a little bit more) in an atmosphere of complete support.

The trainers at 50/50 share not only their expertise, but their lives. There hasnt been a single time Ive gone to a class that the instructor hasnt had a smile and a hi, howre you doing, great to see you, for each person. They remember our names, they know who were are and where we need their help, they push us to do our best every single class, and when I got put out way too early in an impromptu dodgeball game, they commiserate!

In my initial conversation with Justin and Mary, I had 2 questions for them. 1. Whats the average age of the members? and 2. Does this involve spandex? I dont remember the answer to the first question, but Ive been going for 10 months now, and I dont own spandex yet!

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