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Christina Divigard

Having gone about my life for more than a few years without any real fitness program, I struggled for about a year trying to figure out how to get back into shape. I wanted to be fit again, I just didn’t know how to do it.

I knew I was getting older and worried about doing myself more injury than good. After meeting Katie and Justin just once, knew I would be in good hands with them.  Katie’s been my personal trainer for about 8 months and I’ve seen great, steady results. I’ve achieved all of my goals – and then some!  Working with Katie keeps me on track, and helps me manage aspects of my own fitness that I would probably ignore left to my own devices (shoulders – ugh; balance – yay!).

My partner Bob noticed my physical and mental well-being improve, and it didn’t take more than a mere suggestion to get him to train together with me and Katie.  We’re about 10 sessions into our program together – Bob’s seeing great results, and we’re having a ton of fun with Katie…even if it is 6 in the morning!

I had this preconceived notion that working out together with a partner – especially someone significantly stronger than me – would be frustrating and counterproductive.  But Katie is the great equalizer!  She helps guide us both in exercises that are challenging to each of us, but that we can do together. A sensible but rigorous fitness regimen that relies on our body weight, rather than humongous weights, coupled with the watchful eye of Katie, makes all the difference in the world.

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