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Ike Eichenlaub

Jay designed a program based upon my physical condition and encouraged me to push myself a bit beyond my limits. I had been having pains in my right leg and lower back and it had been become difficult for me to mount the bicycle, and after a few sessions with Jay, I was able to more easily swing my leg over my bicycle seat.  The pains were lessened and flexibility was improved during our training sessions.  He emailed me the stretches and strengthening routines I had learned over the course of my six personal sessions, and I am now using them during my extended time in Europe.  It helps tremendously to have these basic exercises to use to loosen and relax while traveling.  After I return home I hope to use the exercises on a daily basis to build endurance and increase flexibility.  I would recommend Jay as a personal trainer to anyone – and hope to work with him again.

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