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Katie at Energia has a special ability to design workouts that suit her client’s mental and emotional needs, as well as their physical ones. During her sport’s off-season, our daughter, Lilly, trained with Katie for a triathlon and a half marathon. Lilly feels like she can talk to Katie about anything—they chat a lot to make it fun, and even when she is being pushed really hard, Lilly knows Katie cares about her. Katie’s workouts have made a big difference in Lilly’s fitness level. After completing her races this summer she even said she no longer feels like completing a half-marathon is “a big deal”!

 I just started working with Katie recently, with the goal of getting stronger. I was nervous about getting back into weight training in my 40s, but Katie has designed workouts that suit my quiet, introverted personality. The workouts are tough, but also mindful, focused and calming. I’ve very quickly become strong enough to complete intense exercises, like battle ropes, deadlifts, and mountain climbers. It’s been a big confidence boost.

For a small studio, Energia packs in a ton of creative workout options.  They have great customer service, but it is more than that. Katie and Justin are clearly dedicated to building a caring fitness community, and they really believe in and support their clients.

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