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Melanie Nelson

The more I grow spiritually and emotionally, the more I realize that if we trust in the universe, it will provide us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. This is certainly the case with Energia and Katie Lipsmeyer.

I late April of 2014, having seen their signs around the Pioneer Valley, I called Energia on a whim. I spoke briefly with Justin, who determined fairly quickly that Katie would be a good match for me as a trainer. For our first session, Katie and I discussed my goals for personal training, and she took my measurements. We then attempted our first exercises together, which, admittedly, were arduous for me after months of being basically sedentary.

At the same time that I was discovering Energia, I experienced a terrible personal loss, one that threw me into a significant depression. Self-care became critical during this period, and a huge part of my recovery I attribute directly to Katie, who was somehow able to intuit exactly what I needed in terms of being compassionately challenged.

My main goal in signing up for personal training was to become physically stronger. That has happened. Unexpectedly, and I now realize, even more importantly, I have become emotionally stronger—a more resilient—and much happier—woman.

Thank you, Katie and Justin, for creating such an amazing experience for your clients.

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