Testimonials - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

When I turned 65, I set some new goals that included strength, toning, and flexibility training. Overall, I was in excellent health, but I knew something was missing – my musculature had changed as I aged – and arms, abs, and legs needed focused attention to strengthen and tone. I want to remain as strong and healthy as possible as I progress into the next chapter of my life.

I checked out a couple of local gym and personal training options – and when I experienced the expertise and individually tailored training sessions of 50/50, I was hooked! Since starting personal training November 2016, I have begun to achieve the goals I was seeking along with a feeling of overall well-being. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the fitness specialists can help me achieve as I continue to make this commitment to myself.

Veda Andrus, RN

Veda Andrus, RN

After 30 years in the Happy Valley and trying nearly all the gyms in the area for about a month each (you know – the New Years Eve resolution.), I talked with a neighbor who I had watched not only lose weight, but also transform her body. She raved about 50/50 and very kindly said, how long do you want to continue looking like that. Well, that did it and I called 50/50 the next week!

At 50/50, I found a community of trainers and new friends, (and quite a few neighbors!) who have supported me through a weight loss of 24.6 lbs (at age 61, every little bit counts) and the joy of newly found muscles! In TRX classes, I found a cadre (gaggle?) of women who work hard, laugh readily, support each other without reservation, and eagerly accept new members. In the spinning classes, I see people of all ages doing what they can (and always a little bit more) in an atmosphere of complete support.

The trainers at 50/50 share not only their expertise, but their lives. There hasnt been a single time Ive gone to a class that the instructor hasnt had a smile and a hi, howre you doing, great to see you, for each person. They remember our names, they know who were are and where we need their help, they push us to do our best every single class, and when I got put out way too early in an impromptu dodgeball game, they commiserate!

In my initial conversation with Justin and Mary, I had 2 questions for them. 1. Whats the average age of the members? and 2. Does this involve spandex? I dont remember the answer to the first question, but Ive been going for 10 months now, and I dont own spandex yet!


Working out with Jay has definitely been transformative. I came into training hoping to get stronger and improve my fitness. What I didn’t expect was how personalized Jay’s approach would be to our training. He really listens to me and watches my movements – constantly assessing what I might need in terms of mobility, strengthening, flexibility, nutrition, and encouragement. I feel like he’s always fine tuning and adjusting our workouts to meet my needs and push me in ways I WOULD NOT push myself. Biggest surprise? I look forward to our workouts! We work hard, and I leave sweaty but energized. He has helped me stay on track with my fitness and health goals but also recover from several injuries that got in the way of my fitness for years before I started with him. I’m learning more with each session and having a great time.

Jen Gross

Over the past few years I have had 2 kids and gained way too many pounds. With a demanding work schedule, and two kids under three I never seemed to have enough energy or time to workout and when I did, I did not see results. I didn’t know how to make the changes  necessary for my new lifestyle. I started my journey with Energia in August 2014 by taking the $5 Sunday spin class with Jen once a week and loved it!  Secretely I wanted to do more, but I was unsure about being able to juggle anything more or making a commitment but my old  clothes were folded away high up in my closet or squeezed in a corner of my closet taking valuable space, it was time to get rid of them or FIT Into them once again.  Jen approached me excitedly after a class one day and asked about my story, she then suggested she train me. It was as if I was waiting for it, because I felt a sigh of relief, she cared SO Much about me and my success, she was positive and energetic and routed for me and told me it was doable that it was hard to say no!

When I first started, my goal was to run my very first 5k, but how could I if I couldn’t run more than 3 minutes before being out of breath! How did I get so out of shape?!  Jen encouraged me to sign up for a 5k a couple of weeks in to our training and despite my initial reservations, in a matter of 5 weeks I ran my first 5k WITHOUT stopping once! Jen didn’t stop there, she has exposed me to various classes such as TRX, Bootcamp, HIIT, etc and monitors my daily diet and suggests recipes and alternatives! Over the past 10 weeks, Jen has completely changed my life! She has changed my eating and exercise routine to understand how much fat, sugar and sodium and calories I am consuming and has taught me how to properly and safely do exercises and pushes me to do more!

Since I started training with her 3.5 months ago, Jen has helped me lose 18 lbs and finally fit into my old clothes. She has given me the confidence and drive to know that I can push even further.  She has provided me with the tools and techniques to be successful at this, and make this my new way of life. I strongly recommend Jen (JUST DON’T TAKE MY Personal training time slot!)

Sara Taheri

I love taking barre classes at Energia. I moved to western MA a little over a year ago, and was constantly on the look-out for barre classes in the area. I was so excited to discover Energia’s classes this past summer, and have been hooked on them ever since! Not only are the classes a great work-out (I’m always dripping with sweat at the end!), the atmosphere is wonderful at Energia. Justin and Katie really go out of their way to make you feel welcome, to learn about you, and to help you reach your fitness goals. I love “going to the barre” because I get to work out in this really unique way that makes me feel both strong and graceful AND I get to hang out with a really fun group of people while doing it. And believe me, these classes work! I have definitely seen changes in some of those “problem areas” that women typically worry about, and I know I owe it all to barre at Energia.