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Acknowledging–Not Finding–Your Confidence

Katie’s Corner – “You can’t teach it. You can’t learn it. You can’t buy it. You already have it.” This was one of the statements a client made to me last week when we were having an in-depth discussion about having confidence in light of, and in opposition to, insecurity. The conversation began as an analysis of feeling self-assured in the gym with this voice in the back of your head that people are seemingly judging you and your abilities. This idea that confidence isn’t learned, or taught, or bought simplifies the idea that you can own your confidence and feel empowered by what you are able to do throughout the day, and especially during your workouts.

Call to mind what you do with confidence on a daily basis; these tasks and experiences don’t have to be momentous. It takes confidence to get out of bed every morning, to take a shower and get dressed, to go to work, to manage a household. Many people are not capable of doing these things, for various reasons, and I would like you to recognize the confidence that you have inside of you to help you accomplish these seemingly normal and mundane tasks.

Now, countering the challenge from Katie’s Corner last week, think about where you feel confident—or have gained confidence—in your fitness regimen. Have you gained flexibility in your shoulders? Is your core stronger than it was 2 months ago? Are you able to get further down in your push-up than when you started? Are you able to spin for a full 45 minutes without feeling like you’re going pass out? Wherever you recognize this confidence in yourself, identify what about that exercise or activity gives you such a boost. The goal is to channel these endorphins into areas where you feel less secure and begin to believe that you can, in fact, accomplish this too, and one day feel confident in it, along with the plethora of other things you can do well. As my client so eloquently said it, “Think of confidence as a flicker of light inside of you. We all have that light, and it’s just a matter of how bright we let it shine.”

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