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Amp It Up!

Katie’s Corner

One of the biggest trends this time of the year is to give up, phone it in, and indulge with the intention of hitting the reset button January One. And while we are not ones who believe in being unconditionally strict about diet at this time of year (or at any other time of the year, for that matter), we want to help to keep you on a path for success rather than one that leaves you with a sense of regret and failure afterward. There is no question the regard we hold for the meals and snacks at our annual holidays; in fact, I have already heard people talk about how much they are looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner. The problem lies in lack of preparation or in the fact that we just stop caring about our fitness goals and eating habits in the meantime.

This week, your challenge is simple. Amp up your exercise to stay ahead of the game that is this season. Work harder than you think you can in your favorite classes. Take a class you wouldn’t normally take, or try one you haven’t before. Mix it up and I promise, your body will thank you for it. Because our bodies become very efficient when exposed to the same movements and exercises, it’s easy to feel less successful in this case, and it truly is vital to change up your routines. So amp it up! And when you’re sitting down to that Turkey Dinner in one month’s time, you can reflect on just how hard you worked to keep your journey of health in the going in the direction of accomplishment.

*If you have questions about personal training, small group training, or group classes, we can help figure out what’s best for you in your uniquely wonderful life.

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