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Be Thankful for Your Body

Katie’s Corner

Last week I was in a private session with a client who disclosed a story that I thought was quite poignant. She had recently been with a friend in conversation in which she carelessly said that she hated her legs. Without skipping a beat, her friend retorted, “The legs that let you run half marathons and 5Ks? The legs that take you from place to place? The legs that let you travel and see the world? The legs that lift you and move you and carry you? You hate them?” My client quickly saw her friend’s point and immediately changed her tune. She recognized that her legs were actually pretty wonderful, no matter the shape or size. They were hers and she should place value on them rather than criticize them.

We all have things that we don’t particularly like about our bodies. Whether it’s the skin that hangs on your arm when you wave hello, rolls on your belly, or saggy boobs, most of us have something we’d like to “improve.” We hold ourselves to an ideal of beauty rather than appreciating the function and practicality of our bodies. Placing a value on what our bodies do for us on a day to day basis is much more rewarding than disparage it for the way it looks.

At the end of many of my Spin classes, I say, “Thank your body for what it’s done for you and your mind for getting you there.” This week my challenge for you is to take a peaceful moment each day, especially on Thanksgiving Day, to appreciate your body—for it’s function, it’s ability, it’s strength, and, yes, even the way it looks. By spending this small amount of time respecting your body, you may even be more inclined to fuel it with nutritious foods and to be faithful to your workouts. Baby steps, though. First and foremost, thank your body for what it’s done for you.

The happiest of Thanksgivings from all of us at Energia and 50/50!

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