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Challenge Accepted

This week, I was talking with one of my clients during a session, and we were discussing how much she had progressed in the past few months, both in her workouts with me and in group exercise classes. We talked about how I had “upped my game” recently and the workouts were growing increasingly tough, though she appreciates the challenge. She said she simply wants to continue to get stronger and develop more in the months to come. There was a moment of shared silence between us, and then we had a realization that no matter what you do in fitness, there is still another challenge that lies ahead. And in that moment, I felt a sense of hope—for myself and for the people I see every day.

Another client later in the week described his experience of racing in a pack of cyclists. As he was conveying the utter thrill he gets from racing, I noticed that my heart was pounding and my stomach was in knots because I knew that no matter how frightening it sounded in that moment, this was something that I was going to have to try.

Of course, if you’re looking at it from the perspective that the glass is half empty, this idea of never-ending challenge can sound daunting. On the flipside, though, how wonderful that we can set our own path to greatness, achieving milestones of growth and achievement along the way. My first tattoo is on my back, and written in one of my dearest friend’s handwriting is the text, “There is no done,” intentionally left with no punctuation at the end. What a thrill this life is that the adventures are never over. They keep coming and coming, and if we choose to accept the challenge, we’ll see great reward—even if it takes a few (or a hundred) times to succeed.

So what’s your next adventure? Your challenge? Step up, show up, and conquer.

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