Changing the Conversation- Coming to you this week from instructor and barre superstar, Sarah Blackmore - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Changing the Conversation- Coming to you this week from instructor and barre superstar, Sarah Blackmore

Katie’s Corner

“Barre is about building up the mental stamina to dominate those last few reps – not torturing yourself so you’ll look good in a bikini. Let’s change the conversation.” -Robin Hilmantel, Women’s Health Magazine, November 2015

As I was scrolling through my Instagram, I came across this quote and instantly thought of our gym, not only in our barre classes, but in all aspects of our fitness classes and trainings. I clicked thru the link and continued on to read the article and other fitness quotes, and Energia-50/50 kept popping into my head. At the conclusion of the article, all I could think is how lucky we are to be part of a gym that already is having this conversation. The way I hear different instructors motivate during a class is so positive and all about challenging yourself to do things you never thought your body could do—to listen to your body and to do what it is capable of in that moment. I feel extremely lucky to have found such a nurturing, positive fitness environment that still challenges me every time I walk through those doors.

I continued to think about this article as I went about my everyday life, and it kept popping up at different points. Each time I would take a moment to regroup and remind myself of my own mental strength to push through. I have also continued to think about how many times have we heard or even said ourselves “I have to look good for…(bathing suit season, vacation, a reunion)”. Let’s change our thinking on fitness, remind ourselves it’s about feeling good and give ourselves the healthiest body possible! It is absolutely about focusing that mental stamina to push ourselves and dominate those last few reps. It’s knowing you just completed your first race or got your best race time, it’s conquering that heavy hill, it’s holding ourselves accountable and celebrating our fitness milestones. That mental strength and attitude is what will pull you through your workout and will translate into all facets of your life. This is the time of year that we need it the most, the last push of the year, and we want to finish it out strong. In these last two weeks of 2015, continue to remind yourself that living your best life is about creating a healthy, strong body and working out to feel good mentally and physically.

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