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Choose Your Workout

So much of our days are structured with places we have to go, things we have to get done, and people we have to answer to. Going to the gym, while it’s great to make it a routine in our lives, becomes another thing that we put our head down and do. Often, when your life becomes a list of “have to’s”, your workouts do, too.

Your challenge this week is simple: Choose your workout. When you’re driving to the gym or preparing for an at-home workout, think about your determination in making your health a priority. Choose between feeling great or feeling lethargic. Choose between good lab results or potential high cholesterol and heart disease. Make it a choice every time, and a nice little side effect is that you will perform much better because you are in control of the decision. Make the choice for better health and wellness, and know that you are actively adding to the richness of your life.


Katie Lipsmeyer

Lead Health and Fitness Specialist

Energia Fitness, 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

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