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Have your workouts suffered with the change of season?

Ask yourself this question (and answer it honestly!) How hard are you really pushing yourself while you work out?

Do you workout enthusiastically, feeling the burn with a smile, pushing yourself to the limit? Or would you describe your exercise time more like an even trot? Coasting along, breaking a respectable sweat, doing the same old thing.

Since you take the time to exercise and desire to have your body change into a slimmer, more toned version of yourself, then use the following tips to get more out of your exercise time.

Focus your mental energy. It sounds simple, but often isn’t. If you’re lifting weights during class, really focus on that specific muscle group. Researchers saw a significant increase in muscle activity when people focused on the action at hand, rather than thinking about unrelated topics. Make sure you get the most out of each round and each repetition by dialing it in mentally.

Have an audience. Research also shows a significant increase in strength and endurance in people who have an audience, compared to those training on their own. One of the main reasons why group exercise is so effective. The other? Accountability, of course!

Pump up the volume. Listen to upbeat music while you exercise. Researchers found that personal music motivated every day exercisers to complete two more repetitions (on average) than those who were not listening to or engaging with the music.

Keep things fresh. Alter your routine often. This will help you to avoid plateaus and will continue to challenge your body. Try new exercises, new intensities and new environments. Have you been intimidated to sign up for a class that sounds scary and out of your realm? Trust us when we say that no class is ill-suited for any one person. Let us do our job and offer modifications and appropriate accommodations for everyone involved! It’s something that we pride ourselves on.

Stay nourished and hydrated. Pay attention to your food and your hydration levels. You’d be amazed how much being dehydrated can affect your performance, even away from the gym. When you’re eating and drinking well, you’ll feel your energy levels naturally rise and the results will be transparent.

Find your magic time. Work out when your body is at its best. If you’re not a morning person, do not force the issue on your body…if/when you can avoid it.

Wear clothes that you love. Not only will you be happy to put them on and show them off, but you will be able to focus completely on the task at hand, rather than stressing that your pants will split whenever you squat. It sounds silly, but confidence is everything!

Make sure the shoe fits. Can you imagine a tap dancer performing without tap shoes? Your shoes are just as important! With correctly fitted shoes for your workout or run, you’ll keep your feet, ankles, knees, and back protected and healthy. Everything starts from the ground up! If you have been thinking about spin shoes, for example, check-in with one of us. We’d be happy to explain to you the benefits and how you can really start to take your cardio workouts to the next level.

Use a professional. If you haven’t already, have us design a custom routine catered to all of your needs, restraints, limitations, and goals. This will ensure that you’re being challenged appropriately and seeing those long-lasting results.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to exercise? Or making changes to your current routine? That’s where we come in. It’s our passion to make exercise a regular and enjoyable part of your life.

Call or email us today and we will get you started on the exercise program that is right for you.

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