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It’s Just a Cup..

Katie’s Corner

Social media has been splattered this past week with what I’m touting as the 2015 Starbucks Controversy of the Cup. In case you haven’t heard about this on your Facebook newsfeed or even on the front page of major news sources, Starbucks released their paper holiday coffee cups for the season and many customers are up in arms about it. Traditionally laden with snowflakes and festive scenes, the cups this year are a solid red with the company’s logo stamped on. People are essentially accusing Starbucks of taking Christmas out of Christmas, and without going into the flaws of this argument, I want to simply state what I think should be the obvious: it’s just a cup.

The details of this argument are negligible; what’s interesting—and disappointing—is that people are really and truly bothered by the look of the cup and what they have (mis)interpreted the cup to represent. On a broader scale, this is one example of how our society has become accustomed to getting pissed off about the littlest of details while subsequently managing to blow things out of proportion in an epic kind of way. Why though? What is accomplished?

In the spirit of the holiday season especially, I challenge you to actively work to take a more enlightened perspective and to let minor problems roll off your back. Choose a sense of peace where you may otherwise let your blood pressure soar. Physically speaking, this is a great practice for you to explore, but it’s also good for your mental health to keep those cortisol levels in check. And when you do inevitably get flustered, think about what the importance of the issue actually is to you. It very well may be extremely concerning or problematic. But remember, more often than not, it’s just a cup.

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