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My Rainbow through the Storm

Yesterday, it rained. Hard. It reminded me of the kind of downpour you’d see in Texas—steady-going for at least an hour. During the storm, I had a little bit of a break before my Tabata class, so I figured I’d go see my mom for a little while. I ran out to my car, trying to run in between the raindrops so I wouldn’t get completely drenched, got in and turned on the windshield wipers as high as they’d go. I was feeling inconvenienced, that is, until I spotted a double rainbow right in the middle of Route 9. It was beautiful, and a rare sight for this area, I feel.

As I stepped into the assisted living facility where Momma lives, I felt a little apprehension, which is not uncommon. Many of you know that my mother has been exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s for the past eight years, and has declined in performing many day-to-day functions. She’s still got her spunk, but my apprehension lies in knowing that I’m still going to experience a good bit of pain when I see her, knowing what a strong, independent woman she once was. As many times as it’s happened, it still tugs on the heart strings when she repeats the same questions, sometimes several times in a short period of time, and each time I answer as if it’s the first time she’s asked me. Other reminders of the disease are difficult, too, like when her clothes are mismatched or she tries to put things on backwards. Momma was never a fashionista, but she was always put together. And as the day-to-day tasks become increasingly challenging for her to accomplish, the more of a reality this is for me.

But of course, without rain, there can’t be rainbows, right? Yesterday, I was sitting next to her with my arms wrapped tightly around her, and I said, “Momma, sometimes I never want to let you go.” And she said, “Katie, I never want to let you go all the time. I love you so much, I can hardly see straight.” And there it was—my rainbow through the storm.

We all have our own storms going on, some that are light drizzles and some that are full on deluges. But more often than not, there is a rainbow mixed in somewhere, and it’s vital that we pay attention to its appearance in our lives. That’s my challenge to you this week: look for the rainbow in whatever you have concerning you right now. Or, if it doesn’t manifest right away, trust that it will. And, on the slight chance that you’re just not ready to see the rainbow right now, make sure you stay open to a future sighting. I’m not promising any pots of gold, here, but my sincerest hope is to offer a little light to your path.

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