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New Beginnings

As I review the names on our distribution list, I’m amazed that some of you still haven’t come in to Energia and 50/50 Fitness to try our classes. In this installment of Katie’s Corner, I’m speaking directly to you! With the change of season and the feeling of growth and renewal in the air, why not go for a change of pace and sign up for a class with us?

I know, I know. It can be intimidating going to a new place, especially one where you are asked to work hard to the point of fatigue—sweating your butt off and making weird, strained faces, all the while. You may think that your classmates will be in shape, have no injuries, and look perfect at the end of class. You may think that the instructors will expect you do impossible exercises that your body is just not capable of.

At Energia and 50/50 Fitness, this simply isn’t the case. Yes, you will work hard, you will sweat, and you’ll probably make some weird faces. But, you’ll be in good company, as your classmates will be doing the same thing. Though we do have members who are “in shape,” we also have members who continue to strive for goals of doing one pushup or making it through an entire class. And, we frequently say as a general rule, if you still look good at the end of class, you didn’t do it right.

We are all about supporting our clients, not shaming them, and we want you to feel empowered during your workouts. Our studios have a strong sense of community, and it’s the sole reason we have grown so much in the past year and a half. Come try a class. Come talk to us or email us. Set up a complimentary consultation so we can figure out what’s best for you specifically. Our motto is “Two small gyms. One big family.” You should find out why.

Here’s to new beginnings!

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