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Oh, to be a kid again!

One of the hardest things about getting older is losing the drive to play and joke around like a child. Luckily, it comes somewhat naturally to me, so when have the opportunity, my kid center is readily accessible. When was the last time you acted like a kid? Innovation and physical dexterity can actually improve when we do this, so why do we often stifle our silliness? Often, I’m afraid, we’re too worried about what other people will think about us or we even think it’s inappropriate. Both of these are many times true for me.
Each week, I mentor a 10 year old girl by playing active games with her. It requires planning, for sure, but I’m frequently surprised how much the games morph once we let loose and let our imaginations take over. So far, we’ve created memory games and obstacle courses, mimicking activities and animal-inspired relays. It’s even helped me in creating new ways to interact with my adult clients and group classes.Your challenge this week: unlock and unleash your inner child. Skip, jump, run, sing, and be silly, even if (and especially if) it’s by yourself. Dance around your kitchen while making dinner, and turn the music up loud and belt out that new Imagine Dragons song on your way to work. Don’t let anyone stop you, and I guarantee, you’ll end up with a huge grin on your face.

One last anecdote—today, while doing yard work, I had an urge to run across the yard with an empty wheelbarrow. So I did. And do you know how freakin’ fun it is to run across the yard with a wheelbarrow? Really stinkin’ fun.

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