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Planning Ahead

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you the challenge of dreaming big—to imagine yourself accomplishing a goal that you have wanted to reach for a long time or that you never thought you could, even if that goal seemed unattainable. I am no miracle worker (one of my clients told me that she wanted to be taller!), but I can help you figure out how to break down your goal, turning the seemingly unattainable into something within grasp.

The first step to accomplishing your goal is to realize and embrace the fact that it will likely take time to accomplish. And that realization can help take the overwhelm out of the equation. If you set yourself up from the starting line that this venture is a long-term commitment, you will likely be more comfortable with the idea that you must approach this day by day.

The next step is to get out your calendar. Set a realistic date to accomplish your goal, keeping in mind that life will inevitably throw in minor kinks every once in a while. Now that you have a target date, work backwards. Think of short-term goals that will help move you along your journey. For example, your goal is to run the Hot Chocolate Run with Team Energia-50/50 Fitness, even though you have never run a mile (let alone, a 5K) and have no idea how to train for it. Your target date isDecember 6, 2015, which is the race date, so that gives you 8 weeks. Now, cut that 8 weeks in half, and set a short-term goal of being able to run 1.5 miles, or approximately half of the distance of the 5K, by November 6. Cut that four weeks in half and commit to being able to run ¾ mile by October 23. You’ll find that each time you dissect your timeline to set new short-term goals, the more manageable they become. And because of this process, the long-term goal begins to seem that it’s within reach.

This endeavor takes practice, for sure, but it can be applied to any goal you have, whether it’s a household project or a certain dress size. And remember, reinventing the wheel is usually not an efficient use of your time, so make sure to ask for help and explore resources available to you. Justin and I, as well as the other staff members are here to help in any way we can, so please ask us. Happy planning, and get ready to turn that far-fetched dream into a reality!

P.S. In case your dream is actually to run the Hot Chocolate Run with our team, check out the proven Couch to 5K program. See, we’ve got your back already!

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