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Replace your Toothbrush

Every year, we painstakingly set and commit ourselves to New Year’s Resolutions, which most frequently are forgotten by the end of the month of January, only to be remembered again in a post-holiday haze of guilt. And so begins the habitual cycle of setting ourselves up for failure. The system seems broken to me, and I’ve learned that if a pattern isn’t working, a change is needed. So I have an idea that’s simple but, more importantly, doable in order to keep you (and me) on track for sustained success.

It’s probably no big news to you that The American Dental Association recommends that we replace our toothbrushes once every three to four months because of inevitable bacteria buildup and wear on the bristles. This is a pretty common fact that you likely learned at an early age, so you may be wondering why I’m bringing in up in a Katie’s Corner and what relevance it has to you. Well, my proposal is this: every time you replace your toothbrush, you also reflect and reevaluate your behaviors, actions, and goals in your own life. Because of the daily grind and regular life occurrences, checking in with oneself on a daily—and even weekly—basis seems daunting and nearly impossible to do. But checking in once every three to four months is much more achievable and frankly, I think, a much healthier way of pondering desired goals and perceived shortcomings.

Try it out. Replace your toothbrush…and then reevaluate your expectations of yourself. Are you accomplishing what you want to accomplish? Have you reached the goals that you’ve set for yourself? If so, great! Treat yourself to a (healthy) reward. If not, modify your approach so that you’re able to reach your goal within the next three months. I know I’m due for a new toothbrush soon. Are you?

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