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Small Group Personal Training

Six years ago, I was living in Galveston, Texas and needing some serious motivation. I needed an outlet for fitness that I hadn’t found since moving there. I worked out on my own, hopping from machine to machine at the gym—pretending like I knew what I was doing. And it just wasn’t cutting it. Feeling like I was wasting more time than actually doing good for my body, I decided to take a different approach.

One of my coworkers told me about a small gym, just five minutes down the street, which was offering a Boot Camp Group Training class. Like many who walk through the doors of Energia and 50/50 for the first time, I had never been to a group fitness class and was terrified. But, I swallowed my fears, and went to class on the first day it was offered.

Kat, the instructor, explained the format of the class—that over the next eight weeks, she’d push us in ways we’d never been pushed and we would be doing various exercises, both at the gym and around downtown Galveston, using mostly bodyweight and mental fortitude. This statement almost had me running out the doors. I looked at the people around me, who also seemed to be a little squeamish about the intense exercise they knew they were about to do, and it gave me a sense of comfort. For the next eight weeks, we would be in this together.

Kat Girl, as I grew to so affectionately call her, sparked a drive in me I never knew I had. She knew exactly how to demand things of me, in a kind way, somehow understanding that I had been “stuck” for a long time and desperately needed this challenge at this very point in my life. She fostered a sense of teamwork between her students—strangers before this class—cheering and encouraging us on as a group. She had a knack for driving her team, and, plain and simple, I was inspired for the first time in years. I continued well past the eight weeks with her and the group of people with whom I began my journey—2 more years, to be exact. Our bodies sweat gallons and our muscles burned more times than I care to count, and it was tough work, but all of us were better for that class, both in body and mind.

And now, six years later, Energia unveils its Small Group Training classes. We’ve placed several throughout the week, giving you the opportunity to attend what is convenient given your schedules. You can sign up one session at a time or buy the 10 pack of Small Group Trainings at a discount, knowing that this program could be exactly what you need to jumpstart your workouts. We hope that it will evoke similar types of commitment and teamwork in our groups. Please let us know if you have questions, and know that we are thrilled to bring this new program to our Energia Family. Happy sweating, everyone!


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