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The Changing Seasons

Katie’s Corner

This week, my aunt is visiting me and my mom, and I am thrilled that she is here! I thought you might like to see where I get much of my insight and love of expressing my thoughts, so this week’s Katie’s Corner is penned by my wonderful Aunt Beth, as she reflects on the changing seasons:

When it’s 90 degrees outside, it’s hard to notice that the slightest breeze is enough to cause some leaves to separate from their branches and fall gently to the ground.Indeed, this act of separation is one of Mother Nature’s early messages to us that the earth is in, yet, another transition. Summer is ending…winter is fast approaching…and autumn is at our front doorstep.

Autumn is our earth’s “MIDDLE TIME”. This is the time when we get to witness change happening before our eyes. We see vibrant greens turn into vivid yellows, glowing oranges, and brilliant reds! Color permeates our landscape and fills our spirits with amazing diversity and awesome beauty! And then, sometimes suddenly or sometimes gradually, the rain comes, the winds blow, and the trees and bushes let go of their leaves and fall to the ground.They have come to fruition and have served their purpose for yet another season in this life-death cycle of nature.

As it is with nature, so it is with us. Autumn can be our “MIDDLE TIME”.How can we face this “MIDDLE TIME” of change and transition within our own lives?

…Can I slough off the excess baggage in my life?

…Can I let go of what I no longer need and is weighing me down?

…Can I end what is no longer sustainable?

…Can I choose to change behaviors that are no longer life-giving?

How can we embrace this “MIDDLE TIME” of WAITING and WONDERING about what will happen to us and who we will become if we let go of what can no longer be sustained and is no longer life-giving?

And so, our challenge is to take a peek into the living room of our hearts and notice what is no longer working for us, notice what needs to be sloughed off and let go of, notice what within us needs to be changed and transformed. Letting go, when our path ahead looks barren and bleak, takes courage and determination, especially when what is to be born is yet unknown and unclear to us.

Be courageous! Face and embrace this “MIDDLE TIME” of change from what you have been about to who you can become! Let go…wait patiently…and listen to the quiet murmurings of new life stirring within you…new life WILL come…as Mother Nature shows us over and over again.

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