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There’s No Place Like Home

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There’s No Place Like Home 

Vacation is a time to relax and rejuvenate from the stressors of life, and for many, that means sipping strawberry daiquiris on a beach while lying in the sun. Don’t get me wrong, getting sun-kissed and eating the famous local dessert are two of my favorite pastimes, though I usually research the closest gyms and running trails and pack a few sets of workout gear when I visit a place as well. Because much of my work is demonstration  and I’m constantly on the move, I often neglect my own full 45 minute workouts, and taking exercise classes while I’m away re-centers me and allows me to embrace the role of a student, rather than that of a teacher. And, with the studio not far from my brain at any given moment, I take the opportunity to do my homework on what other gyms are doing to facilitate their own classes and workouts.
Last weekend, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Brooklyn to take three spin classes at various spots throughout the city. The first two classes I took were at larger, very popular spin studios with several locations across the country. Their operations systems of shuffling people in and out of classes by a team of 10-15 staff members was impressive, and their classes amp up students to the equivalent level of three energy drinks. I felt as if I were in a dance club, which was fun, though I missed the sense of alliance that I’m so used to at 50/50.
The third studio was similar to ours in that it was a small business operated by an owner, a manager, and several staff members and instructors. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, it had an urban buzz, but as soon as I walked in, they welcomed me as a new student and acclimated me to the space. I immediately felt at ease and had an excellent spin class where I could ride to the beat of the music and push myself like I hadn’t in a while. I truly appreciated the fact this local business recognized the value of personalization, even in a city of near anonymity.
I had a blast at each of the classes I attended, and I am eager to share tips and tricks I gathered with the staff here at 50/50. There are an abundant amount of notable business models in the fitness world, and it’s exciting to think about the hordes of people who are actually enjoying exercise on a daily basis. Above all, though, my trip helped reinforce that we are doing things right at 50/50. We have a strong, community-centered studio with top-notch instructors and trainers who are committed to building the best experience possible for our clients. How exhilarating to have the 50/50 studio right in our own backyard, and to be a part of such a health-conscious movement! See you in class, y’all.

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