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Holiday Time – Something to Think About and Then Do!

Something to Think About, and then Do


This month’s article is about about holiday time and You.


Holiday time evokes a wide range of emotions, from happy to sad, excitement and joy to dread.  Regardless of where you may fall on the spectrum, additional stress tends to accompany holiday time.  Schedules get crazy.  To-do lists, grow.  Before you know it, exercise patterns may be affected.  Whoa!  What was that?!


Here’s something to think about.


Remember what flight attendants say before take-off, “… put your oxygen mask on before assisting others.”  When it comes to your health, what is your oxygen mask?  Maybe you work with a personal trainer, or attend small group strength training, spin class, fit camp or yoga.  Whatever it is, when you are in the midst of holiday craziness, remember how important it is for you to stay healthy. Think of how good you feel after a workout. Think about the supportive people you’ve met at 5050, classmates and trainers, people who care about you, who miss you when they don’t see you, who help you along your health journey.


5050 is here for You!  We look forward to helping you get through the holiday season and into the new year.


Here’s to your health!   Cheers!



Something to Think About, and then Do is a series of articles to inform you about training

and exercise concepts and to provide ways of bringing them into your daily life. So far,

you’ve read about core, posture, glute amnesia, cardio fitness, hydration, balance, the

importance of moving, and strength training.

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