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Wait, You Read My ‘Corner?’

Katie’s Corner –

When I first began writing Katie’s Corner, I figured it would be an insignificant way for me to get my thoughts—either from the past week or things I’ve been sitting on for a while—down on paper, hoping that some may find some value in what I share. I imagined by disclosing my real-life stories, insecurities, faults, and experience, others would find ways that Katie’s Corner would apply to their own lives. However, an overwhelming number of you have told me you look forward reading the column every week and that my words were exactly what you needed to hear in that moment, and I have to say, it is truly a humbling experience. Many of you, who I look up to and who are accomplished in your own careers and lives, have told me you are faithful readers of “The Corner”, which I must admit is simultaneously intimidating and empowering.

It’s a little weird wrapping my mind around the idea that what I write can be inspirational to others, but I think it’s important to take this opportunity to point out how much of the time we can be an inspiration to others without even realizing it. For example, you pick up a piece of trash, and it can inspire a person to take part in an organized clean-up of a local park. You run your first 5K, and your child runs the next one with you. You smile at a person on the street walking past, and they smile at the next person they pass. The point is, through small acts, we can move others in big ways.

Your challenge this week is simple, and it doesn’t require any real action on your part. All I ask is that you realize and digest that you affect others in purely positive ways. People find value in what you do, the way you act, the attitude you choose. Know that what you bring to the table, no matter the perceived significance is real and influences people all around you in ways you may never know. Think about it. What you do matters. Now isn’t that effin’ wonderful?

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