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What was your moment?

In a recent study, 77% of individuals who successfully lost weight reported a triggering effect that preceded their accompanying weight loss. This type of motivator is called a precipitating event. In sports, they are signified by a swing in momentum typically due to an unexpected happening. In life, these events are often much more profound. We all know that smoking kills, yet millions still smoke. We all know that obesity kills, yet we still overeat. Why? We get so consumed in our daily lives that it makes it impossible to focus on the little things. We forget to take care of ourselves. We forget to learnhow to take care of ourselves. Until that moment. It could be something tragic, a ‘life is too short’ moment. It could be getting picked last for a game of 5 on 5 with your buddies. It could be waking up one day and finally staring down years and years of poor decisions and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Everyone has their moments. It’s all about how you handle them and what you choose to do thereafter. It all starts with the ability to learn, and the desire to take action.

So I ask you…What was your defining moment?

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